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Raiomond Mizra , Mena. Ma fini fakker winti haddi I cant think while you are near me Ma fini ihki I cant speak Ma bfakker illa fiki I only think of you Ma bismah illa sawtek I only hear your voice Ma bshouf illa sourtek I only see your face Shou baddi illek what can I tell you Bhibbek ana bhibbek I love you, Im the one who loves you Shou baddi ihki what can I say Akhadti albi you took my heart away Akhadit hali your took my mind away Bhibbek ah bhibbek I love you oh I love you Nazra fi hyounik ma btikfi The look in your eyes is not enough Ana killi shaw wlahfi I'm full of anticipation and yearning Ma bismah illa sawtek I only hear your voice Ma bshouf illa sourtek I only see your face aam hawel khammen ihhsasek Im trying to guess your feelings aam hawel ira afkarek Im trying to read your thoughts Khallini Ismaaha minnek Let me hear it from you Ah Kilmet bhibbek Oh, the words "I love you" Bhibbek I love you bhibbek I love you. Home Ma Fini Fakker Lyrics.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Because there is a little bit lacking on the production of this album which got remedied in the following album, it ends up with a 4 star rating because it is still great, just not as great. You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail. WhiteWallStargazers March 23rd Comments.

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I'll hold you tight Oh, virgin weakness, infinite sweetness Look through anybody's window See everywhere the same People suffering from hunger A narcotizing pain Call it justice call it fair I just call it a mistake Starving mothers cry for help In this state of decay In this ruthless time And they heard their favourite popsongs To remind of times of wisdom They heard a thousand voices say Satisfaction fortune health So far away Look through anybody's window I Don't Love You Anymore Outstanding vocals, melodies, and rhythms combine to produce a standout package that deserves more exposure. The sparrows and the nightingales long version.


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Kind of like 22 Faces, where the song really breathes for a while before it really kicks off. As a result this song was the perfect introduction to them, and once I got around to listening to the rest of the album I definitely grew to love screaming. Only thing I dislike is the very tail end of the petrucci solo. Submit a song or other link.