My Goddess website opens Nov 26, Eun Yeongseon as Skuld. Peorth encourages him to shout out his love to fire up his heart, through Belldandy misunderstands the situation when she encounters the two. Norio Wakamoto as Senbei. Belldandy’s license as a first-class goddess has been suspended thereafter. Kathrin Neusser as Sayoko Mishima. Marller shows up to tell Belldandy to do evil deeds in order to bring good fortune to Keiichi. James digs into a terribly uneven TV special from Madhouse about a Japan plagued by natural disasters, and Paul breaks down all this week’s new anime releases.

Carrie Keranen Production Supervision: Meanwhile, Belldandy decides to take a time off from the university in order to knit Keiichi a sweater as a Christmas gift. Check out a mountain of headlines, premiere reports and cosplay galleries from the first three jam-packed days of Anime Expo ! Although she planned to spend time with him alone, the three other goddesses tag along. However, when Urd kisses Keiichi, Belldandy scurries away from the temple in tears. The group goes to an estate owned by a friend of Keiichi’s grandfather. Rowena Raganit as Urd. Justin Kim Mike Schaubach.

The real Urd unseals Skuld, telling her that her demon half is on the loose.

Trouble ensues when Keiichi intervenes, as it is mistaken that he is Urd’s new significant other. Ayuko Harada Yuu Iuchi ep 1.

Senbee, who had tagged along with Saisonn, develops an allergy, causing Marller to be the victim of bad luck. The Month in Review – February Mar 1, Belldandy philosophizes what would happen Urd’s demon and goddess halves remain split, knowing that would cause Urd to self-destruct.

Anata no Nozomi Kanaemasuwa!

Marc Thompson as Kami Professor Osawa. Emily Blau as Ex ep 6 Hijiri’s Mother. As she is satisfied in ah my goddess saison 1 episode 16 vf wish, she whispers her goodbye as she vanishes into thin air. The room is expanded in an area of infinite dimension. Chicks on Anime Sep 2, Marller attempts to attack the temple, but is halted by Banpei.

Peorth realizes that Keiichi has not voiced his affections for Belldandy before. Then she find the heretical pot and epiwode to split Belldandy into two opposites, but to no avail. Kathrin Neusser as Sayoko Mishima.

Ah My Goddess S2 – 14 Vostfr

Vera Teltz as Marller Mara. Megumi Hazeyama as Store Staff. New Australia Licenses Mar 15, Although she planned to spend time with him alone, the three other goddesses tag along.

Operation Expo Jun 27, Megami no Namida to Kare no Yume!

Sound Decision – Adieu Jan 11, Flights of Fancy, Vol. Afterwards Satoko invites Otaki to her house, where he encounters Toshiyuki and Sayoko who are plotting together. Rie Kanda as Female Student Tennis club member ep 1.

Ah! My Goddess (TV)

Q-Tec English cast English staff Director: Urd endeavors to give Keiichi an enhancement pills meant to emphasize feelings of affection when one shows love for another, however this causes the girls to faint. Gordess Shot Afternoon Production: Meanwhile, Urd prompts Keiichi to confront Peorth and he asks her to fulfill his desire. Goddfss Aoyama as Servant Lady. It won’t stream on Netflix until this fall, but Anime Expo provided an early look at Shinji Higuchi and Mari Okada’s fascinating new show, ah my goddess saison 1 episode 16 vf a twist on dragon riding you won’t believe.

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Studio Tulip White Map Broadcaster: Proware Multimedia International Co. Anime Remakes Sep 26, Anime Expo hints at newly Licenced shows Jun 23, Miharu Iijima as Store Staff.

As the four leave to head back to the temple, it is revealed that Senbee took a stand of Urd’s hair. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others.