After another disturbed weekend in the country, despite arriving at 4 A. Fearing a criminal, they call the police. Judy and Sandy play a horrid trick on the strait-laced Penny and Stephen. Jealous, Jean has Lionel’s secretary inadvertently fired, and gets a replacement, Mrs. Mike loves the house; furthermore, he wants Mrs. As Lionel complains about him it becomes apparent that the doctor sparked Mrs Bale’s mood by commenting on her age. Lionel and Jean are surprised at the number of marriages that are on the rocks, even as people are celebrating Penny and Stephen’s achieving their 25th anniversary.

Coincidentally, Alistair arrives alone claiming that he was dumped. Guest starring Dean Harris. In search of something to fill his time, Lionel takes up model-making but is quickly confounded by the tiny pieces of the ship he has chosen to build. The next morning, Judy informs Jean that Lionel is right: Alistair buys the house anyway because Stephen’s fake bid became the highest. Alistair asks Lionel if he wants to sign books in Tokyo ; but then Judy comes in, who recently broke off her engagement to Alistair, and suspects Jean is trying to get them back together.

When Penny rings back, she speaks to Judy and tells her that Jean and Lionel shared a bed.

The family goes to the Hampshire house to watch Lionel’s mini series being filmed. Jean’s brother-in-law, Stephen and his wife Penny are expected for another visit. Alistair is close to bankruptcy — well, down to his last million, at least. Jean returns home with a plan to get rid sfason Mrs. The day after Rocky’s wedding, Lionel and Jean agree to move in together at noon the following day. Alistair tells Jean of his idea that Lionel should write a TV mini-series. Stephen is down on as time goes by season 4 episode 6 idea, but does not tell his wife why.

Penny and Stephen announce big plans to retire in Spain.

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Views Read Edit View history. Failed to send email, try again later. This special contains the only dream sequence in the entire series.

Alistair meets Lionel in the pub and talks about Lionel writing a TV mini-series on his and Jean’s romance, but he dismisses the idea.

Jean tries aa persuade Lionel to write the mini-series while Alistair leaves for America to discuss the idea with a TV company. On the wedding day, the best man Mr Fishwick injures himself so Lionel becomes best man which means Alistair has to give Madge away, while Jean and Mrs Bale are bridesmaids.

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How to add a video: Bale is astounded and impressed that Mike describes her face as ” Plantagenet “, but turns down Mike’s offer of a part in the film.

The gunman orders everyone on the floor, but Jean refuses because she is wearing a new dress. Shortly after Lionel gets a phone call from his father’s doctor. Alistair sends a band to Jean’s at 8am and later sends her a gorillagram.

Judith’s New Romance

Alistair tries to help, asking Lionel to adapt an obscure book opening line: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Now with something substantial to offer her, Lionel proposes to Jean. The episode ends with an as time goes by season 4 episode 6 portion of the theme song playing as Jean at long last reads the letter.

Also, Lionel explains to Jean that he needs the money from the book sales as the money he earned in Kenya can only be spent in Kenya; and Judy spends the night with Alistair. Alistair announces to Jean, Lionel, Judy, and Sandy that he’s engaged to marry, which shocks everyone — especially Judy.

Guest starring Karl Collins and Eepisode Warren. After the picnic Judith and Alistair are sent on a walk together. After Lionel accidentally walks in on Sandy in the bath, Jean decides to add a second bathroom. At the photo shoot, Lionel is dressed as a white hunter holding a rifle with a young woman at his side.

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Penny and Stephen meet Jean and Lionel in London for dinner. With Alistair and Sandy’s help, Lionel moves to live with Jean. Later, in bed, Jean asks for Lionel’s opinion about Sally, but doesn’t hear what she wants. Breeze, Stephen’s assistant, is retiring and Penny wants to be her replacement. As time goes by season 4 episode 6 another disturbed weekend in the country, despite arriving at 4 A.

Sewson section is in development. We also see that Jean is secretly seeing a psychotherapist.

Alistair gets wind of the situation and calls in a thug epjsode “Nails”, who suddenly makes Jean fear for the safety of the stalker. The following day, Lionel tells Judith that he wrote, but Jean never replied.

Retrieved July 15, Lionel quietly deduces that this was actually another of Alistair’s attempts to win back Judy, and it was all fiction.