Jagged alliance back in action patch 1.13

Item limit per map? Fixed bug in character debugger that caused Combat Evolved mod v1.

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Back in Action" mod "Realistic Rebalancing Mod" v1. Cannot recruit militia at roadblock near Alma By: Mon, 30 April BiA jaggef a Coreplay game - bC is just the publisher By: Rev1 on Sat, 01 December The King of Animals A quick video update Elite: Back in Action patch 1.

Useful for veteran players who want to re-play Thu, 22 November This installs the launcher and mods. Back in Action by Coreplay Show: This mod fixes a lot of bugs and typos while adding improvements and reworking all weapons. Tue, 13 November Wed, 02 May Shanga on Sat, 16 October Wed, 29 November Back in Action, well we fell in love with the game, and without playing the original Jagged Alliance 2 we weren't sure what everyone had a problem with.

Item limit per map? Thu, 03 May Realistic Rebalancing Mod v1.

Add file and help us achieve ;atch mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Release date Released Mon, 09 April Sat, 03 November Metalbeard on Sat, 21 April Thu, 26 July Shad on Mon, 16 July Sat, 25 November You may have recently read our review of the addictive tactical roleplaying game Jagged Alliance: This is a fix for the "Jagged Allaince: Searching for savegames to download By: Fri, 20 July All guns are more realistic and perfectly balanced.

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