Ramtha teachings

The four cornerstones of Ramtha's philosophy are: Ramtha's claim that every person can learn to create their own reality [31] is itself a philosophical paradox. Archived from the original on March 8, Ramtha claims to come from the continent of Lemuria and to have conquered Atlantis. Archived from the original on April 1,

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They had apparently told the girl that sexual intercourse would help her to relax and improve her acting ability.

What will you learn? Students are taught the following fundamental concepts and disciplines.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Retrieved 19 November Knightwho claims to channel a 35,year-old being called Ramtha the Enlightened One. The Meaning of It All. Archived from the original PDF on February 6, The film has been criticized by the scientific community [23] [24] [25] [26] due to its mis-representation of quantum physics damtha, and an unnecessary connection to consciousness. The Jeff Knight interview, The school's teachings are based on these channeling sessions.

Retrieved November 19, This inquiry took place on stage in front of an audience of over people for about an hour. She says that he later mastered many teachjngs, including foresight and out-of-body experiencesuntil he led his army to the Indus River while in his late fifties after having led his rzmtha for 63 years.

She brought a suit against a woman from Berlin named Julie Ravell for disturbing Knight's psychic state and leaving her "hanging in spiritual limbo" during the five years Ravell claimed she was also channeling Ramtha.

J. Z. Knight - Wikipedia

Gordon Meltonwrote a book countering this argument called Finding Enlightenment: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genesis Yelm Advanced Retreat.

Knight's former husband, Jeff Knight, in an interview in with Joe Szimhart, said that Ramtha's teachings are a "farce" and that they are "just a money making business for [JZ Knight]". You will teacihngs hard.

Knight has been married three times and is the rammtha of two children ramtua her first marriage Brandy and Christopher[10] which ended in divorce. Retrieved February 25, In her teachings "Ramtha" has made several controversial statements such as that Christianity is a "backward" religionthat Jesus ' parables can be explained by means of photon waves and probability[26] that "murder isn't really wrong or evil" if one believes in reincarnation[27] or during the court case JZ Knight v Jeff Knight Jeff Knight stated that Ramtha had declared that HIV is Nature's way of 'getting rid of' homosexuality.

Retrieved 13 August Cunningham says that there was a very old woman among the students, who begged him that she did not want to do this and she wanted to go home, but Ramtha said that she can stay under the protection of Ramtha and her bodyguard. Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom. The teachings of Ramtha offer a unique perspective to view the mystery of life.

A controversial religious scholar, J.

J. Z. Knight

Through this breath technique students learn to shift to ramfha analogical state of mind and create a new reality. Science As a Candle in the Dark.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You will learn Students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment are taught the following teachingw concepts and disciplines of the Great Work: Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifests through the modulation of its energy into mass.

Glen Cunningham, in an interview with David McCarthy, describes how, one evening, Knight suggested that all students should stay there overnight because she said it would be "good for the energy".

Explicit use of et al. Students are initiated into the philosophy through special disciplines designed by Ramtha that turn the philosophy into personal experience.

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