EMBL nucleotide sequence database More ProtoNet; Automatic hierarchical classification of proteins More Canonical poly A polymerase activity promotes the decay of a wide variety of mammalian nuclear RNAs.

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Exosome RNA helicase MTR4

Promoter directionality is controlled by U1 snRNP and polyadenylation signals. See the description of this molecule in ChEBI. A summary of the locus, written by SGD Biocurators following a thorough review of the literature. Non-supervised Orthologous Groups More The effectiveness of our fractionation protocol was verified by Western blotting: We now show that mt4r the arch deletion with ratchet helix mutations abolishes helicase activity and produces a lethal in vivo phenotype.

MTR4 / YJL050W Overview

The sequence BAA differs from that shown. The supernatant was kept in a new tube and used as cytoplasmic fraction. Download Mte4 or protein sequence, view genomic context and coordinates. C Western blot analysis of HeLa cell extracts after 72 h of knockdown treatment with the siRNAs indicated at the top ; antibodies against the proteins are indicated at the right.

Together, our experiments revealed an unexpected role for Mtr4—ZFC3H1 in preventing global disruption of mRNA association with polysomes and subsequent translation. Whenever possible, allele information and additional details are provided. EMBL nucleotide sequence database More Moreover, a recent study provided evidence that a vast majority of monosomes is actively elongating and translating sORFs Heyer and Moore Our model implies that ribosomes must not be present in significant excess or they would otherwise be able to handle the increase in substrates produced when the PPC is depleted.

A Western blotting of subcellular fractions prepared from HeLa cells.


Required for nucleocytoplasmic transport of mRNA. Ribosome footprint profiling of translation throughout the genome.

Simply connect a USB 2. Mutation of residues along the ratchet helix alters in vitro activity in Mtr4 and TRAMP and causes slow growth phenotypes in vivo.

Multi-transducer | DEIF

Biochem Biophys Res Commun All manually curated literature for the specified gene, organized into topics according to their relevance to the gene Primary Literature, Additional Literature, or Review. Viral subversion of the host protein synthesis machinery.

This Article Published mte4 Advance July 21,doi: Corresponds to variant dbSNP: Peptide candidates were filtered using DTASelect with the following parameters: Mtr4 was predominantly nuclear and evenly distributed in the nuclear-soluble and chromatin fractions Fig.

It always involves more than one amino acid and includes all residues involved in nucleotide-binding.

Notably, this is consistent with the behavior of the two full-length mRNAs analyzed see above. Links to gene names and curated GO terms are included within the Summary Paragraphs. P Primary citable accession number: These are stable identifiers and should be used to cite UniProtKB entries.

Eukaryotic Ortholog Groups More Click "Literature Details" to view all literature information for this locus, including shared literature between genes. Identification of Mtr4-interacting proteins by cofractionation and MS.

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