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Saphir NL takes into account superposition effects in the semilog plot by plotting the superposition time function. Numerical models Numerical models are used for geometries beyond the scope of analytical models. MiniFrac tests A MiniFrac test consists of an injection period followed by a fall-off.

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File, New The following window will appear choose the Reference phase Oil and include the other information as below and click Next.

Different wellbore, well, reservoir and boundaries can be combined to simulate a wide range of reservoir models. The semilog plot displays pressure vs the log of time for classical diagnostics of the transient data.

Gauge data requires QAQC checks before the data can be interpreted.


You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. For more advanced boundaries, a numerical model can be used.

Reservoir models To match transient data and effects due to daphir reservoir, the following reservoir models are available in Saphir NL Homogenous Two porosity Pseudo steady state Slab model Sphere model Two layer models Composite Radial composite Linear composite.

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Improve tool This option is used to improve the fit between the actual data and the current theoretical model by varying the selected parameters of the model. Point to your memory gauge file assume you already downloaded from the attachment in the first post. Sensitivity Sensitivity analysis may be performed by running the same cerin with different parameters.

We will explain later how to convert from a specific format to another.

If you put all rates to zero it will be identified as a "Shut in" or Build up period. This will open a new window asking for the data file that you want to work on. Specialized plots Daphir specialized analysis plots can be created with options tailored to specific flow regimes.

FANARCO • Ecrin Saphir for Well Test Analysis step by step tutorial

Numerical models Numerical models are used for geometries beyond the scope of analytical models. Data can be loaded with the following methods: Additional capabilities include rate dependent skin, changing wellbore storage, interference from other wells, gas material balance correction, well model changing in time, horizontal and vertical anisotropy. Analytical models Saphir NL offers a comprehensive built-in analytical catalog combining well, reservoir and boundary models, complemented by external models.

Interference tests can be used to determine if two or more wells are in pressure communication. Non-linear problems can be modeled with correlations as PVT parameters vary with pressure. Below is the well, reservoir and test information: Users browsing this forum: If the calculated parameters doesnt match the lab data you can go back to the previous Oil and gas properties screens and choose another correlations.

In this case we considered the reservoir temperature as the maximum value in the memory gauge file and the reservoir pressure the same idea. For saturations values please change it to be as below screenshot.

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The range of parameters can be defined manually, or defined with equal or log spacing between values. A short fracture is created which is used to design the main fracture stimulation treatment.

Choose "Ignore new data" and click "Apply to all". For instance choose a field radio button from the Line format list. Saphir NL includes constant as well as changing wellbore storage models to fit early time behavior. By using flexible upscaling, the same grid can be used at different time scales demanded by transient, production and full field analysis. The pressure response from these shut-ins can be used to provide information about the reservoir within the radius of investigation for radial flow or the area of investigation for more complex geometries.

SS 2- Decimal Time in hours since start of memory gauge 3- Pressure in Psi 4- Temperature in F The data structure may be different from this case and any other case. External models For analytical models which are beyond the scope of a standard model with combined standard well, reservoir and boundary conditions, there are a wide range saphr external analytical models available.

It is possible to regress on both the log-log and the history plots. Saphir NL takes swphir account superposition effects in the semilog plot by plotting the superposition time function.

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