Unitycar 2.2

Log in Create a Unity ID. You must log in or sign up to reply here. UnleadedGames , Jul 12, Anyone else using a xbox controller? Hi azeitler, 1 the cabin is connected with the trailer on the same place of a real truck.

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For what concern slipstreaming, im going to work on it after sending the package on the asset store. Some explanation for the new setup GUI.

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Anyone else using a xbox controller? Feb 13, Posts: I'm interested as you mention your package is "suitable for mobile system like iphone or ipad" I'v found Edy's Vehicle Physics pretty cpu hungry unitycarr wondering if I'm going to get a lot better frame rate with your system, again I hate to be making a comparison as these are both clearly great packages.

Just a pre-purchases question, How did you calculate the RPM's? I'm fairly certain the asset store will give you a breakdown of the file structure, which should tell you if the scripts are JS or C by their file extension.

[DEPRECATED] UnityCar Pro. The most complete and accurate vehicle sim on Unity3D - Unity Forum

I have a quick question,if i want to use this for something with more then 4 wheels say a big rig with 6 wheels how hard would that be to do? UnityCar is now online on the Asset Store.

Watch the overview now. ShigidySep 6, After spending a few hours on the scripts I concede: Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team?

Martin-SchultzJul 3, If someone is going to promote a unitycr of scripts, which language the scripts are written in is a fairly obvious thing to expect to be mentioned. I cannt quite get the mapping right.

If you want I can provide you with the source of my changes and additions. I'm on NewLife's side here: May 14, Posts: Tried it on Windows and Mac. No news about "physic correct head movement with on board camera" and "tire deformation"?

IPopeyIESep 3, Hi NewLife, Can you give me information on how the car damages work and what type of configuration is available for this feature?

Despite the good progress I made the scaling of models is still an issue: Is it done by script?

[DEPRECATED] UnityCar 2.2 Pro. The most complete and accurate vehicle sim on Unity3D

Mar 15, Posts: Now we have to wait until Unity headquarters wake up they are located in san francisco, so they are GMT Jun 16, Posts: Nov 15, Posts: Lay off him, people, so he took a day to reply to our questions on a weekend — that's still pretty fast. Your name or email address: UnleadedGamesJul 7, Hello, I have exact the same unityxar.

It's not on the Asset Store yet, is it? Don't want to come off impatient, but I think my update method must be out of date for me? Hope to receive good news soon.

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