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White devil welcome and bye bot is one of the funny which not only welcome users but also bye users, set room topics and also give time to time message in the room. Freebuzz auto bot is a simple bot software which can be used to make auto admin and auto ban flooders To download click here. Addm master — to add new master. So better create two new ids for this purpose to avoid risk.

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Search Here Search for: If all things are clear the bot will show Done! Delm master — to delete a master. Vivek Jain on Father of Bots.

Users will satisfy of this bot because of diversified functions.

And it is the BOT of your room. Op ID password — to optimize your account from Jammers welcone your account smoother if you experience jam by removing janky Ids, subscription errors and Jamming ids by status and resource. Total functions of this warrior bot are You can put 25 bot id in the room You can join and left individual ids as you want Through this bot you can change ids affiliation at a time Set welcome and bye message Room message time to time Set room subject of the room Change affiliation of individual users easily Lock and unlock the room easily There is a function of welckme intelligent bot function Make auto member of the visitor of the room you can put specific question and answer which bot will use To download click here.

Fwrd user password resource — Forwards the specified account to your account and gives you full control over that account. Scan user password — scans the specified account for payu and other attackers.

Hope you all are now able to add a bot in your Nimbuzz chat room! Amit Sharma on Quiz bot. Enter into your chat room in which you are admin or owner.

Login with your owner id and enter your chat room. To download click here.

You can insert maximum bot id in this bot. Father of Bots Ali… on Father of Bots.


Ent botID password roomname — Joins all in one room bot with pro-active protection, Games and user assistance services. After making owner id as a master again check who all are masters by typing show command mostly for all bots command will be: Search Here Search for: Posted in Dodgerturn soft collectionLatest softwareNinbuzz bot collection Leave a comment Tags: Posted in Cobra Soft collectionNinbuzz bot collection.

These commands are accessible to all users even if not in friend list.

Chat-room commands Commands delcome all users These are commands that are accessible to all users in room. This site uses cookies. Posted in Dragon Fire soft collectionNinbuzz bot collection.


Please follow the guides of your bot. Give membership or moderator power to the two Nimbuzz ids that you decided to use as bots in your Nimbuzz chat room. Posted in Dodgerturn soft collectionLatest softwareNinbuzz bot collection.

Nuke auto bot May 2. Crt ID password resource — creates new child bot a copy of this bot but has more commands to manage Cont message — to send a message nmbuzz bot owner first master bo to the bot masters list. Posted in Latest softwareNinbuzz bot collection 1 Comment Tags: This id will be the bot in your chat room password password of the id. NimbuzzInfo strongly recommend you NOT to use your valuable ids for this foe because there is a chance to get hacked or to get blocked these ids.

Although in Nimbuzz chat rooms owners and moderators can access Nimbuzz inbuilt help bot, there are many limitations to this inbuilt Nimbuzz help bot that forced owners to add external bots to their chat room.

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