View and Download Blueant S4 user manual online. TRUE HANDSFREE VOICE CONTROLLED CAR SPEAKERPHONE. S4 Car Speakers pdf manual. BlueAnt Wireless offers high-performance, cutting-edge products that are Q1, T1, Endure and V1 Bluetooth headsets, the S4 True Handsfree Bluetooth car kit. The best place to start is the user manual that came with your device. It tells you everything you need to know to get started using your S4. If you are still having.

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Please blueant s4 manual the enclosed safety card for information about blueanf safe use of BlueAnt products. Terms And Conditions Please protect your ears. If you are using a BlackBerry smartphone you may see a message like this one. Please remove it before using your S4. If you want to exit A2DP streaming mode to do something else, tap the symbol.

Product Manuals – BlueAnt Wireless

Don’t show me this message again. All BlueAnt devices are designed to reach volumes of up to decibels.

When you pair your phone with the S4 it will attempt to transfer the phonebook contacts automatically. Don’t see a manual you are looking blueant s4 manual Please remove it before using your S4.

Each number stored in your phonebook counts towards this limit. Any currently connectedphone will be disconnected during pairing, so manyal will need to reconnect afterwards.

Page 20 Adjusting the VolumeThe volume blueant s4 manual are touchsensitive.


If youprefer, you can switch this light off. The audio will resume when the call ends. Charge Blueant s4 manual S4 Battery Your S4 has been given an initial partial charge to get you blueaant, Indicator but for best results we recommend you charge it using the supplied USB cable blueat adaptor Page 31 3 separate entries. Please note that each of thesemodes has its own independentvolume blueant s4 manual.

In this mode the S4 will only listenfor the trigger phrase for 2 minutes after you do something.

Blueant S4 User Manual

Page 21 Up to 2 devices can connect to the S4 at the same time. You can adjust the volume duringcalls, during music playback andyou can also adjust the blueant s4 manual ofthe audio prompts.

Delete any existing pairing information from your phone and turn it off blueant s4 manual back on again to refresh the phonememory. The exact setting to change depends on your phone.

Older Products

To access this function: Page 31 Enter the code four zeros. The S4 will then automatically reconnect to your phone. Page 16 change the numbers associated with existing contacts, then you will need to use this command to transfer theupdated contacts to the S4. Once you have changed this setting, you must blueant s4 manual the Update Phonebook command to copy the phonebook to the Blueant s4 manual again. Your manual failed to upload From time to time we will make upgrades available on our website for you to download and apply to your S4.

Remove the Protective Cover Blheant plastic cover on your S4 is intended to protect it during transit.

Page 12 Handsfree Trigger Battery Saving ModeUsing the handsfree trigger gives you true handsfree operation, as the S4 is always listening for your voice.

When you come back, you blueant s4 manual tap thesymbol to reconnect your phone and reactivate the trigger.

Please note that each of blyeant modes has its own independent BlueAnt BlueAnt volume setting. Page 10 Install the S4 in your Car1. Use Your Voice to Answer Manaul the phone rings, wait for the prompt to ask you if you wantto take the call, and then say Answer or Ignore. You can adjust the volume during calls, during music playback and you can mznual adjust the volume of the audio prompts.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. ENGLISHIf this is happening, you can resolve it by changing the setting on your phone that controls the display and sortorder of your contacts. Slide the power switch on the side blueant s4 manual the S4 to the ON position. If either phone rings, you can blueant s4 manual it with the S4.

To do this,the S4 needs to store a copy of your phonebook contacts. Blueant s4 manual select this message and agree to the connection in order to copy the blueantt to the S4. When you have two phones connected to the S4 at the same time you can always answer an incoming call oneither phone.

Pair the S4 with your PhoneTo use the S4 you need to pair it with your phone. If you do not say a command within a few blueant s4 manual the music will resume playing. The S4stores up to 2, contacts per phone. Once the 2 blueant s4 manual are up, the green indicator light goes out and the S4 stops listening.