Zig works to make amends with Maya and Tori. Meanwhile, Adam gets hurt playing volleyball and hides it from Audra. Eli asks why and Fiona says that he should talk to Clare about it. Tori, Tristan, and Dave compete in a talent contest. Ray of Light 2 is the thirty-fourth episode and part of the spring block of Season 12 of Degrassi. After being attacked by an intruder, Fiona goes to extreme lengths to feel safe in her loft. Cam desperately needs a break from hockey, so he blows off practice to hang with Maya.

Watch Ray of Light 2 on YouTube. Eli unfolds his shirt and finds some leftover ecstasy from Talia. Meanwhile, Connor works to patch things up with Jenna. Clare asks what the hell he’s thinking and he says that for once nothing. Justin Kelly Jake Martin. Your favourite characters are joined by fresh new faces, which brings new romance and conflict to Degrassi.

Meanwhile, Dave worries that he and Alli are growing apart. Munro Chambers Eli Goldsworthy. Clare returns from the break excited to reconnect with Eli, but does he feel the same way?

Later, Fiona is helping Eli with his interview for NYU when she mentions to Eli that he shouldn’t work on the video yearbook.

Ray of Light: Part 2

Then he starts to take drugs again. When she does he touches her tight butt and makes smug remarks which makes Jenna not want to be with him.

Meanwhile, Degraasi continues to front as Maya online in his quest to get closer to Campbell.

Katie then takes a hammer from Jake’s truck and climbs a wall to get in the garden. Annie Clark Fiona Coyne. Simpson comes walking over, then when he sees them he comes running over.

After Fiona is offered a job in Rome, Imogen takes drastic measures to keep her in Toronto. Alicia Josipovic Bianca DeSousa. Dylan Everett Campbell Saunders. Eli then mentions that the interview is in 15 minutes and angrily leaves the cafeteria. Demetrius Joyette Mike Dallas.

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Episode Karma Police — Part ligut. That is more Eli than I ever wanted to see. The title of this episode is named after the song “Ray of Light” by Madonna. Clare shows up and asks if the reason he took drugs was because of her. Episode Building A Mystery — Part 1. He then walks away from her. Meanwhile, Eli and Clare become locker roomies and tension runs high between them.

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Episode Tonight, Tonight — Part 1. While Eli is busy with the play, Olnine teams up with Katie to get even with Asher. The Time Of My Life. Episode Never Ever — Part 1. He then gives Mr.

Ray of Light (2)

Meanwhile, Katie works on patching things up with Jake. She starts breaking down one of the walls and the rest of them join in.

Your favourite characters are joined by fresh new faces, which brings new romance and conflict to Degrassi. Ali goes to extreme measures to manage her heavy workload and crashes at the worst possible time. Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom and tell her about their engagement.

Simpson has seen a student naked while working at Degrassi. This leaves Jenna even more confused and decides to talk to Luke about his crush. Later, he is seen in the girl’s change room taking a shower with his clothes on.