In all cases please get more details from manufacturer. Integrates with Bugzilla products, components, versions, and milestones to allow a single management interface for high level objects. Despite all this we need to be efficient and productive, thus collaboration is the key. As any user-based software, we developed a user permissions management system aimed at controlling "who can do what".

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Search more about this tool in QATestingTools archive. This way your build steps can make use of this information to execute your automated tests. The products in Testopia are imported from Bugzilla and are basically the products of the Yocto Project. Test Runs Test runs are the actual place where testing happens. Testopia Plug-in used TestLink Plug-in as basis.

Want to help improve this plugin? Any further permissions will be given on a request-need basis from the Testopia administrators or the Bugzilla administrator. Plans can be cloned with their associated test cases being brought forward Cases can be cloned or linked to additional test plans in the case of a link, the case is associated with multiple test testopi.

Click the new button to log a new bug or enter the bug id of the existing bug s you wish to associate testopja click attach. Each Case Run is a link to a Test Case and also contains specific information like how the test case fared in a specific build and environment.

This data is then set as environment variables. View these issues in Jira. View Testopia on the plugin site for more information.

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Send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with the text that needs to be translated. The reason this test case management platform was chosen is that is facilitates involvement from the community by associating itself with the already community-driven defect reporting platform Bugzilla. Is there a way to import test statuses that were executed manually and put it in jenkins test report? All in all, the main advantage of using Testopia is that you can be a part of the global Yocto Project QA Team and you can do it in relationship with your interest and at your own pace.

Testuff The Core Bankin. Free Use Opensource Tool Scope: Test Cases Statistics Operating Systems: Theme by Danetsoft and Danang Testopiaa Sayekti.

Check the boxes next to each test case to be included or use the select all link at the top to grab all of them. It is designed to be a generic tool for tracking test cases, allowing for testing organizations to integrate bug reporting with their test case run results.

As any user-based software, we developed a user testlpia management system aimed at controlling "who can do what".

Testopia - Yocto Project

This page is designed to help testers and community members accommodate to the Yocto Project new test case management platform, Testopia. Below is a diagram aimed at showing how Testopia interacts with elements in Bugzilla as well as how the common Bugzilla elements interact with each other and how the Testopia elements interact with eachother. Linux Windows Scripting Language: You must have at least one environment defined before creating a run.

Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error. Allows users to login to one tool and uses Bugzilla group permissions to limit access to modifying test objects. Results are paginated and sortable Updating Multiple Objects at Once Lists of test cases, runs, plans, and case-runs can be updated at once from their respective search results pages.

Set the Priority Same list as bug priority Select a category Defined from the plan page Enter a requirement optional An id for a requirement in an external requirement tracking system.

Builds contain an "active" field. Contents 1 About this wiki page 2 Introduction 2. Software Tesopia With Testopia http: Views Page Discussion View source History. Builds are directly related to Yocto Project commits to the Git repository.

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