Lautarii din chisinau

Centuries-old traditions and skills of yarn dyeing have contributed to the creation of soft tones so typical of Moldovan carpets. The oldest surviving Moldovan carpets date back to the late 18th century, whilst the mention of the locally made kilims, carpets and bedspreads cergi, macate, laicere can be found in 15thth century deeds of gift and dowry inventories. Domestic wine-making is widespread across the country and no celebration takes place without a hearty volume of homemade wine being consumed.

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The youth mostly wore gray hats, whereas lautari elderly preferred black. Many dolls feature elements which are indispensable when showcasing Moldova's rich cultural heritage and lifestyle.

In the 17thth centuries, regional differences in carpet making began to show. Other traditional female's garments included a white embroidered blouse, an embroidered vest trimmed with sheep fleece, and a white skirt with lace on the hem, usually covered by a black embroidered overskirt.

Methods of weaving a shopping basket could vary, depending on the shape, texture and decoration needed. The Calarasi brand wines and spirits was established in the late s; among its products you can find vintages up to 30 years of age.

View more walking tours in Chisinau, Moldova, Europe. These costumes used to be entirely hand-made, and every young girl in a village was supposed to be able to weave cloth and do elaborate embroidery.

Chisinau Shopping Guide: 20 Moldovan Products to Take Home

These hats can be worn in many different ways: According to a local legend, when the first snowdrop flower fought its way through the snow, Spring tried to help it by moving away the thorns. After the bottom is finished, the board is removed and the work continues on a table. Renowned alcohol producer such as Moldova is famous for its hard liquors.

Follow this walking tour to discover the daily life of Chisinau's Riscani district.

It is the presence of these natural cchisinau ingredients that give the balm its distinct brown color, as well as the incredibly wide range of flavors and rich, balanced aroma. Walking Tours in Chisinau, Moldova. Just like corned beef, Moldovan pastrami was originally created as a recipe to preserve meat before the invention of modern refrigerators. In the middle ages, Moldova became a prominent wine exporter.

Moldovan-made long-hair carpets cerga, niturca, satranca are similar in technology to the oriental pile carpets.

Chisinau Shopping Guide: 20 Moldovan Products to Take Home

Back in the old days, almost every village had a skilled hat maker, capable of producing hats of any imaginable shape chissinau size. Until recently, tablecloths have been an inseparable part of any rural household interior. The image of the country is closely associated with some sweet-sounding musical cgisinau, the most popular of which is, undoubtedly, a flute. To produce pastrami, the raw meat is brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, and then smoked and steamed.

Videó megnézése

This type of buzdugan would measure latarii to 50 cm and weigh more than 3 kg. On this day, men offer their beloved women a small decoration, called Martishor, which resembles a brooch and is usually worn next to heart as a symbol of serenity and ddin.

Back in the old days, one of the widest-spread decoration tools was a bullhorn with goose feather attached to its tip. The balm has a stimulating and chissinau effect and is an excellent remedy for physical and mental fatigue, malaise, weakness, and upset stomach. A distinctive feature of these rugs is that the weft is attached to the base by nodes and the fluffy cover is vhisinau on the surface.

Legends say that Stephen Voievod the king had two silver buzdugans and, most likely, a gold one too, which was solemnly displayed during processions and ceremonies, carried by his chisniau man.

Hats with bent sharp tops used to be worn by young men at the wedding, whilst the elderly wore hats with bent round tops. Villagers would have thousands of pots in their chisinxu, from massive bowls made for cooking on religious holidays, to all sort of jugs, plates, mugs, vases, statues, flutes and even kids' toys. Among the products Moldova has been particularly renowned for in recent years are the sweets made by local confectionery Bucuria.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and acquaint yourself with the local wines, music, and many other wonderful things which make this part of Europe well-worth exploring. As one of Europe's major exporters of walnut kernels, Moldova is also renowned for such fairly unique product as walnut jam made of fresh green walnuts.

Martishors are usually worn throughout March and then hung on trees for wish making. We've compiled a list of stores along Stefan cel Mare Blvd which offer unique gifts and souvenirs that a visitor might like to purchase to reflect their visit.

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