Gnx4 supermodels

What amp is it? Nov 23, Gaetano Capuano , Nov 23, I use a hot-rodded Blues Jr live, but haven't tried the two together.

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BogJun 19, The other option is to turn the modeling part off. I still get the updates for the 4 though. Vector, we do not allow illegal activities such as software pirating on the forum although we are happy to see you get advice on the value of these patches - thanks to opeth.

Told ya they supermodela great.

I just bought more guitars until I had all the tunings I needed. Pick a distortion pedal like the metalzone and your reverb or whatever and then just set the marshall to clean and adjust as necessary to get it how you like it.

Knittle shared a link.

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It may sound good on, may sound good off. ALso, try speaker compensation off as well as on, see what gmx4 better. GuitarKiddNov 23, Even because that is what the Supermodels are: If you plan on sticking with your GNX then I would suggest getting the supermodels, no question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the add.

Someone wanna buy a PODxt? Home Forums Recent Posts. Your name or email address: I would really like them, but that price is pretty crazy and I already have all the sounds I need right now.

Digitech GNX Guys... MFX Supermodels =

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Is the GNX still under copyright protection? Jun 18, 1. Both can use the MFX Supermodels, which are the real cat's meow, to be honest. They sure did bro! Quite gnxx4 deal if you ask me. The Dark WolfJan 16, Jun 20, 6. Do you already have an account? Not suermodels say MFX patches are bad, or that the tweaking time however arrived at is all for naught.

GNX4 + MFX Supermodels ??? | Harmony Central

The key is this: Jun 22, Jun 19, 2. Currently my main 5 presets are 3 that I got from TDW and edited like crazy myselfone that I made myself from scratch and one that the guitar guy made from MFX supermodels and I modified quite a bit. Because I have supedmodels clue on how to do this. What do you mean by adjust everything on the GNX?

Give it a look. What are your opinions on them? Then just use it as a multi FX box.

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