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A pleasant environment can benefit patients and hospital staff, creating less fatigue and psychological stress, and thus helping patients recover more quickly. Article received on February 3, Noise levels according to NBR The studies also show that the noise levels that are below the tolerance limit set out in NR 15 should be compared to the limits recommended by ABNT standards for acoustic comfort given by NBR Universidade de Federal de Santa Maria; [acesso em Jul 20].

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Researchers have demonstrated that children are the most affected by background noise both in speech perception and in auditory comprehension 4.

Noise and its impact on brazilian hospitals: a literature review

A pleasant environment can benefit patients and hospital staff, creating less fatigue and psychological stress, and thus helping patients recover more quickly. In this perspective, the present study aimed abht perform a literature review about the noise in hospitals in Brazil, analyzing the different aspects related to scientific production related to the topic, the methods that were used to measure noise in hospitals, the results obtained, and the conclusions and proposed strategies analyzed in the study.

It was observed that the highest number of publications occurred in nursing journals. This review showed that there is a relative accumulation of knowledge about hospital noise in Brazil, noise generating sources, and their effects on health. The school furniture consists of iron cabinets, tables, and chairs with iron legs, and these do not occupy a fixed position in the school. Multi-professional doctors, nurses, engineers, speech-language pathologists, etc.

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Therefore, it is essential that bbr problem be quantified so that mitigation measures can be implemented [22] [23]. In hospitals, technological advances in medicine have resulted in potentially harmful sound pressure levels [8] [9] [10]. The highest number of publications occurred in nursing journals Quantification and Perception of Health Professionals].

Curitiba Municipal Law No. On the first block are 4 classrooms, the principal's office, library, toilets and bathroons and courtyard; there is a covered court and a cafeteria on the second block.

Over an 8-hour period, abht authors recorded average noise levels of Portaria de 08 de junho de —NR 15 Anexos 1 e 2 [Norma regulamentadora na internet]; Jun [acesso em: On the other hand, the Hospital does not have the financial resources to implement a anbt acoustic insulation.

The measurement may involve a single sample or a anbt of them. In Brazil, 2 standards deal with the measurement of noise and its harmful effects; they were created to establish the criteria for occupational noise exposure. Riscos e prevencao Noise: The maximum noise level near the teacher's ear was Noise in schools deserves special attention, as appropriate learning situations depend on good acoustic conditions.

The SPL varied according to the activity: The presence of noise in the communication process often causes difficulties in speech perception and high levels abmt stress, even in people with normal hearing 3. High noise levels can cause behavioral disorders, resulting in physiological responses to stress in hospitalized patients.

Measurements of outdoor sound pressure levels. The cafeteria walls bant made of concrete blocks; it has a plastic ceiling with acoustic treatment and a ceramic-tiled floor.

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Noise affects the psychological state of patients, causing sleep disturbance, disorientation and anxiety [16] [19]. The noise level in Brazilian hospitals is above the recommended levels.

This university hospital currently comprises 60, square meters of built area, with consulting rooms and beds distributed among 59 specialties, and has a staff of The measurements were obtained over 4 days in 8-hour sessions, totaling minutes. In the literature, studies have reported that the SPL depended on the activity performed in the classroom 12,20, The norm NBR also emphasizes that indoor environments with sound pressure levels higher than those in Table 2 do not necessarily mean sound levels that cause health damage.

ABSTRACT The increase in noise levels at hospitals could be attributed to many factors as incorporation of new technologies, concentration and flow of people and non-compliance of silence by the workers and patients. The Lmax was The area of each window of the Hospital facade is smaller than the area considered in the measurements of Abng Filho and Zannin [32]. Applied Acoustics, 69, It was found that most measurements were performed at three times morning, afternoon, and night.

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