Wifi file transfer pro 0.9.9 apk

Highly recommend the pro! Tried multiple browsers, updated Flash, used the "simple" uploader. Reply to Aptoide Bot muito bom!

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Jeff Brown After trying all file transfer software availablethis is by far the best in the pack. One of my favorite apps. The web page also seems to lose its connection very often every 10 seconds or so which is pretty much unacceptable. Reply to Aptoide Bot Raar zou moeten werken. It has a poor UI and supports file management with only 1 file at a time.

WiFi File Transfer APK Download - smarterDroid

WiFi File Transfer Apk v. Enrique Zarate So far so good. John Flook This is a wonderfully easy and effective way to quickly move lots of photos from trsnsfer camera SDCard mounted in my computer, to my phone. I have a galaxy 4 but work on a Macbook Ifle. Reply to a Review error error. Vanessa Johnson Tried the free version, loved it so much after 5 minutes that I bought the Pro version. Flawless, reliable data transfer! Low and behold, I'm transferring all the movies, music, etc to my phone that I could hope for.

My files were all 4mb or smaller, so I really didn't have to purchase the Pro version, but the convenience of transfeer app is worth way more than a buck fifty to me!! See More Tools Apps.

Transfer files without a USB cable.

Nathan Yang The mobile app is fine, but the interface on the PC-side is horrible. My only complaint is, for some reason, some files don't download. Google Plus Twitter Facebook Reddit.

Highly recommend the pro! Does exactly what it says. WiFi File Transfer Pro 1. Direct Download Download this app to your desktop.

Install in your device Scan the QR code and install this app directly in your Android device.

WiFi File Transfer 1.0.9 APK

After trying all file transfer software availablethis is by far the best in the pack. Share this App trnasfer. Subway Surfers Apk 1.

WiFi File Transfer Pro is a light-weight web server that lets you upload and download files tofrom your phone or tablet over a wireless connection.

Feel free to send any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions tosmarterdroid gmail. Flashlight Widget - Original. I've tried a few of these this is the easiest and best of them all. Tried multiple browsers, updated Flash, wigi the "simple" uploader. I absolutely LOVE this app -- simple, straightforward, and gets the job done. The Android is only compatible with PCs. The free version is close to useless, but the pro version is only a couple bucks!

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