Awwa c651-05

Upon restoration of secondary disinfection, the system can be returned to normal service, defined as having all valves returned to normal operating position. Flushed water may be discharged from a hydrant, plumbing or Appurtenances. The Water Main O n Feb. Tags Environment and energy , Drinking water. Flow may be discontinued after an Air gap has been created.

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Chlorine Concentrations and Contact Times for New Watermains At levels over 10 milligrams per litre, a measurement of total chlorine shall be deemed to be equivalent to a measurement of free chlorine. For new watermains with limited sampling points available, an alternative method of collecting Microbiological samples is called staged sampling. The operating authority will attempt to maintain flow from the break, where possible, until an Air gap is established.

AWWA C651-05: Disinfecting Water Mains

The method to be followed shall be that prescribed by the health authority or water purveyor having jurisdiction orin the absence of a prescribed methodthe procedure described in either AWWA C or AWWA Cor as described in this section. Circumferential watermain break with flow maintained until after an Air gap was created. The following steps must be performed for all emergency watermain repairs Category 1 and Category 2.

Awww discharged water is deemed to be a Class II spill for the purposes of O. With respect to new watermains, relined watermains and temporary watermains, the provisions of this document, including sections 1. If these disinfectant concentrations cannot be achieved, Flushing shall continue until the disinfectant concentration at the point of C651-055 is representative of the system residual in the break area, determined by sampling upstream of the break area and downstream at the Flushing location, or by using documented benchmarks for the area, as long as free chlorine concentrations are at least 0.

Operating Authorities may choose to provide notification to, or seek advice from, the local Medical Officer of Health at any time.

Return to normal service is contingent upon the corrective actions and sampling plan being completed to the satisfaction of the local Ministry office in consultation with local Medical Officer of Health. If final disinfectant residual is less than 0. Example 3 When using the slug method of chlorination, with a minimum contact time of 3 hours, the chlorine cc651-05 shall be measured in the slug at the beginning of the disinfection process, as the slug moves through the watermain, and at the point of discharge.

Children s Law Reform Act forms ontario drinking water regulations awwa c This section does not require that all of the information be recorded on a awsa form:. The operating authority shall determine if flow can be maintained to the break site until the watermain is excavated.

Category 2 watermain breaks are not required to be reported to the Spills Action Centre unless an operating authority believes that contaminated water was directed to users.

awwa c - Edit & Fill Out Online Templates, Download in Word & PDF |

After business hours, the operating authority shall contact the Spills Action Centre as soon as reasonably possible. Tags Environment and energyDrinking water. The disinfection requirements for new watermains as per Section 1. For planned swabbing and hydraulic e. Watermain breaks with no evident or suspected Contamination are classified as Category 1. Lucie Wwwa Department of Health.

If there is evident or suspected sewage Contamination of a watermain, in addition to the procedures in sections 3. Examples of typical steps for Category 1, 2 and for special cases are attached as Appendices C, D and E respectively. Awws local Ministry office shall be notified as soon as reasonably possible during business hours. The sampling plan shall include as a minimum taking two sets of Microbiological samples at least 24 hours apart.

Appendix B Tools to help determine the category of watermain break - pictures Examples of watermain breaks awa are typical of Category 1 c65-05 included below for illustrative purposes only: Refer to Appendices A and B for a flowchart and pictures to better understand the criteria to determine the categories of watermain breaks.

These steps also apply to the planned maintenance of watermain Appurtenances and fittings refer to section 1. Operating authorities shall develop c6510-5 document operating procedures for emergency watermain repairs within their systems.

Chain of custody Date and time of return to normal service Water Advisory declared: This section does not require that all of the information be recorded on a single form: The following flowchart is an example of the typical steps required for Category 1 watermain breaks Note: Drinking water system operating authorities shall ensure that emergency repairs to watermains and Appurtenances are undertaken in accordance with this procedure by any person authorized to perform the repairs.

The operating authority shall implement the plan as prescribed and the watermain cannot be put back in service until the cleaning, disinfection and sampling is completed as per the plan unless a Water Advisory is declared.

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