T pain 3 ringz

Sure its smooth, but his autotuned voice gets a bit tiring after 4 minutes. Three Ringz Studio album by T-Pain. Opener, Ringleader Man, sets the tone with its laidback pace, contagious melodies and sing-a-long quality. Acoustic guitar softly plays in the background, as Pain delivers his most heartfelt and true track.

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Pain does what he does best, creating a apin melody and adding his typical synth productions. That is, until his next album, Epiphany, a much more mature album, came out in Archived from the original on June 13, Get Silly - Single.

DeVaughn and Soulchild impress with their vocals and the track is definitely likeable. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Opener, Ringleader Man, sets the tone with its laidback pace, contagious melodies and sing-a-long quality. November 11, [1].

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However, this track is stretched out way too long and it gets quite mundane after a while. Plus he knows how to put on a good show, and Thr33 Ringz his third album is exactly that.

So this year, he dropped Thr33 Ringz, an album which T-Pain said is his "make or break" album. The song reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot Leading quickly into the simplistic Chopped N Skrewed featuring Ludacristhe flavour becomes more kiddy-friendly as the album progresses. Any artist that sells millions of records in the current climate should be applauded but if you're not under 14 years of age, can you really appreciate T-Pain's gimmicky sound?

Retrieved from " https: Find out more about our use of this data. September 23, " Freeze " Released: Thr33 Ringz Music Review". The single, " Boom " was the fourth and final single from T-Pain's repackaged album intended to be sold to the Philippines and Serbia.

The album's second single, called " Chopped 'n' Skrewed " was released on September 23, The song features a guest appearance from American rapper Ludacriswith the production, which once again was provided by T-Pain.

Even the artwork depicts T-Pain dressed up as a circus ringleader. The Musical Soundtrack - EP. US Billboard [19]. The track features a guest appearance from American hip hop recording artist Lil Wayne. December 20, Philippines and Serbia January 1, Worldwide. Ciara and Pain duet for a club paced track that has some unique synths and an atmostpheric flow during the verses.

Even with two smash singles, "I'm Sprung" and "I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper," as well as a guest appearance on a top 20 song the following year, E's "U and Dat," he was still overlooked. The simple, yet chilled vibe that Pain creates is really nice.

BBC - Music - Review of T-Pain - Thr33 Ringz

Reviews for the album were favorable but critics were growing weary of the party-filled track listing and overreliance on Auto-Tune. The album's lead singlecalled " Can't Believe It " was released on July 29, Its enjoyable but only decent. Retrieved December 18, Chopped N Skrewed 3.

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