Each bot has its own pros and cons. Archive Privacy Statement Contact Us. So, if you play too well and have too much fun, then someone will probably accuse you of botting and get you banned.

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Each bot has its own pros and cons. I guess that is a plus! The time now is I had 3 accounts and lost them all to bans. Greetings Minions We have implemented a new launching system which should help with the false positives with defender and possibly other anti-virus programs. But I see 2 minus that are very sad: Guild Mmomminion 2 bots - OnlineBotters. It will take a character from 1 to 80 in about a week. Watching GW2Minion play a Mesmer is worth the money!

Search Member List Calendar Help. Before Christmas we are giving away: Mmkminion lets us know if there are any issues.

Actually there is a lua script kmominion allows you to blacklist mobs on the minion forums. So, if you play too well and have too much fun, then someone will m,ominion accuse you of botting and get you banned. I have used GW2Minion for about 3 months and thoroughly enjoyed. Feedback needed GW2Minion was updated with a nice new 'Let's finally start to fully localize and translate everything in the Bot" - system.

The best contest in the world because there is no loser! Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

MMOMinion - Quest Profiles

As you can see above, not everybody wants a bot that has so many options that it gets confusing how to use it. Sorry for your loss, but since ANet does not have any client sided detection yetyou were probably having: Originally Posted by gw2.

So for example atm there is no possibility not to attack any mob no blacklisting. New Settings Profiles System. Which GW2 bot do you guys think is the best? Mmomknion new reworked Settings Profile System is available now.

It is basically LazyRaider for GW2! Changed my Mount into a Dodge Viper. Teleporting is definately easily traced and lots nmominion people are getting banned for it. I blame the banhappy GMs on Arenanet.


Assistant - Firy, I used during their beta and it was a pretty basic bot so I mmokinion give you an accurate impression of that bot as this was near 12 months ago. How does this new Translate Helper work?

All times are GMT If you want to teleport though, viper does NOT support it. I'm looking at purchasing one soon mmminion would like to know which is the best out there at the moment!

Hello fellow Minions, 2x news today: The documentation is clear as day in the wiki, just have to understand the lua an its straightforward.

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