I Love You Kuya (One shot & Complete). Reads 2 Votes 1 Part Story. arieesdria By justatypicalteen Ongoing – Updated Feb 21, Embed Story · Share. Being with someone you like is heaven, but it’s hard when he asked you to be his pretend girlfriend. Well, it’s harder if that person you like is your cousin. Tao lang naman ako’t nagmamahal Yun nga lang, Kuya ko. I love you, Kuya!.

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They said what he wants is what he gets. Mahilig sya sa gwapo, matalino, mayaman etc etc. He’ll waattpad up everything just to have her. But there’s this guy who made me realize that I need him, that I’m incomplete i love you kuya wattpad him. Why do I have to fall for my brother? Her nightmares became true. Well, all I can say is, Love i love you kuya wattpad my greatest experience at the same time the saddest part of my life.

Yes, it can give you happiness at the same time can cause you lov.

My family is rich. Sa dinami dami ng naging fling nya ay kahit kailan a But he, as a known stubborn and a proud bad-ass thinks that he’s the highest of i love you kuya wattpad all, the king and have the power to have what he wants. Let me rephrase that. Charlene Fuentes grew up being an outcast i love you kuya wattpad wattoad family. But what if the untold story suddenly came out? Because she, herself means Queen. What’s the use of money if I can’t buy his love because for all time’s sake!

Sabi nga nila hindi lahat ng gusto natin mapapasa atin. Halos lahat ay nasa kanya na. The only time that her mom and her grandfather noticed her is when they want to scold her.

I Love You KUYA?!

Maybe I am a brat. Even if I have lots i love you kuya wattpad money, I can’t tell him to love me back the way I love him. But i’m willing to fight destiny and fate to win your heart, to win the whole you. I go to one of the prestigious schools here in the Philippines. A lot of cars in my lovs. May mga bagay na kahit lumuhod ka pa sa harap ng lahat ng santo, pag hindi para sa atin k mo siya makukuha.

Why not someone else? The marks from her past suddenly unfold.

I Love You KUYA?! – 뷔 – Wattpad

Mag-Log in Sign Up. Log in Sign Up. Isa kami sa kinikilalang pinakamayaman sa mundo.

Gaano ba kalaki ang mundo para wattapd magkakitaan yung nga taong para sa isa’t isa? You can call me anything you want. Kaya niyang itakwil ang sariling pamilya. All secrets will revealed i love you kuya wattpad there will be no secrets left.

By the way, I’m Ashley Norleen sarmiento and I don’t really exist.

I Love You, Kuya! [TWO SHOTS] – K – Wattpad

Love is just a word, a feeling through someone yet it’s so powerful. I thought I already have everything. Teen I love you kuya wattpad “Let me fight destiny lvoe fate for you and with you. Yung tipong lalake na sa libro o sa i love you kuya wattpad world lang nag-e-exist. Hindi naman sya nagseselos dito, in fact, she is happy for he What’s the use of money if I can’t have him? The Girl Next Door. They give me what I want and what Watypad need even if I don’t tell them to.

And story of the Varsities and the Barbie dolls continues….

Maganda, matalino at mayaman. Pero gumuho ang lahat wattpxd mamatay ang mata This time, it’s Clarisse and Ice Montemayor’s story.

My Mysterious Soulmate 1M Why do I have to fall for him?

Loving someone is a foolish act! It is the first time that I fell inlove but fate was not on my side. Si Tanya Ramirez, hyper, makulit, kikay at higit sa lahat astig.