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Everyone will surely like his South Indian delicious. I always thought a good film maker is one who gives definition to each character in his movie so that we get engrossed in their lives. A commendable attempt and a well written script. Because Karthick is more intellectual director than them.

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Meanwhile Siddharth started ignoring Lakshmi as she is no more useful to him.


When the movie nears the end of first half we all would have got thrilled with such engaging scenes. Karthik Subburaj is one of the critically acclaimed director my fav tooby his movie Pizza.

But i expected that the movie would join the jigarthandw of Pudhupettai and Aaranyakandam. Overall worth the cost with 10 on 10 and yes you can pay more than that. Bobby Simha acted very well in the movie. The film is definitely different from the usual run of the mill stuff setgu we see, but in the end, some disturbing questions are asked which have no answers. This one stands out. A gangster movie with perfect characterization and apt choice of characters.

I stunned with the performance of Simha, he is really amazing and awesome. Climax screen play if perfect. Brilliant is all i can say.

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Siddarth then reached Madurai and jigarthaanda in convincing his friend to let him stay in his home by offering him the role of second hero in his upcoming movie. As every movie comes with mixture of good and bad, this movie have a lead character as a draw back, Lakshmi Menon. From madurai I can say many detailed dialogues ijgarthanda by our natives. Cinematography and BGM are cool at some parts. This explains why the curtains and the borders of the door in Karunakaran's house are green and the wall, blue.

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Jiggarthanda has written the script and the screenplay, too, and that is evident from the sure hand that he displays while helming this outstanding movie.

Saying that it doesn't have any cheap suspense or melodrama to usher it forward.

He was the reason this movie worked and the twists in the movie was what made it really interesting. Brilliant Camera, focus and lighting. A Villain can be a hero is the theme and this couldn't have been perfectly done by anyone else other than Simha. Coming to the technicians.

And another grooving performance is, when Simha receives credits from the child of Soundhar, Simha's eyes itself conveyed the movie climax, thats why director orchestrate all the dialogue in gibberish in the climax, only few actors can do that performance and only good movie lovers can understand what Simha is expressing.

Bobby Simha, who plays the gangster, is the beating heart of this epic. Be it the well composed music sequences which is a masterpiece by itself or the unassuming camera-work which surely will take the DOP, Gavemic to places in the coming days. The movie has achieved what was intended and defines to the meaning of the title Hot-Cool First half-Second HalfBut you cannot make a clear choice whether it was a complete movie in spite of the efforts put in the climax to justify it.

Story got inspired jiyarthanda the couple of Korean movies. Enjoyed each and every scene of his appearance in the movie and the mere presence of his in the film is more than enough to take the audience for an awesome ride, well this was always the case with our superstars of Kollywood but its Simha!!!

You will never see a "already- seen- this-scene" effect. Finally when he gets caught snooping, the tables sethi turned on him. He lived the character.

I would like to leave at least this last surprise to the readers of this review. He carries the role with such a ease which is very commendable. Director Karthik Subbaraj Pizza deals movie in Madurai thriller about "Hero decides to make a movie about a gangster and how he overcome his issue" with fun type of screenplay Siddharth given a neat performance and good acting.

His movies will be awaited a lot more after this one. This quirky rowdy is relatable from the moment he enters the film.

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