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Such a theme had in fact been used in the Japanese film The Bullet Train. A great film in spite of the fact it is from the action genre. I'm going to have to see a work order. Hopper finds nice new ways to convey crazy menace with each new role. The New York Times.

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Jaguar Owner Richard Lineback Edit Storyline Bomber terrorist's elevator ingernala backfires, so he rigs a bomb to a LA city bus. However, the bus traveled much farther airborne than anyone had thought possible.

A critically panned sequel, Speed 2: It crashed down on top of the camera and destroyed it. The bus used in the jump was empty except for the driver, who wore a shock-absorbing harness that suspended him mid-air above the seat, so he could handle the jolt on landing, and avoid spinal injury as was the case for many stuntmen in previous years that were handling similar stunts.

Some of this wiring got screwed sped. Speed Theatrical release poster. unfernala

February Edition] PDF. She recalls that they had to do "all these really physical scenes together, rolling around on the floor and stuff.

The Record Bulletin in Japanese. Cruise Controlwas released. There was only like a millimeter.

The Matrix Revolutions Trivia Filmed on-location on Los Angeles' I freeway, before it was opened to the public. However, Dennis Hopper's character is somewhat complex and spfed performance probably should have garnered him an Oscar nomination.

speed:cursa infernala

Stunt coordinator Tracy Bunting told Interview Magazine that this was "the most challenging" of her career, in particular the iconic "stroller full of cans" scene. The Matrix Reloaded The highway section the bus jumped over is the directional ramp from I WB to I NB not the HOV sleed from I SB to I WB as commonly believed[13] and as the flyover was already constructed, a gap was added in the editing process using computer-generated imagery.

Two of them were blown up, one was used for the high-speed scenes, one had the front cut off for inside shots, and one was used solely for the "under bus" shots. Speed is a American action thriller film directed by Jan de Bont in his feature film directorial debut.

Speed () - IMDb

Yes No Report this. De Bont used an foot model of a story elevator shaft for the opening sequence. After Reeves stops Hopper from blowing up a high-rise building, the next obstacle is a city bus. We were very much in sync, it's just that I didn't write the dialogue as well as he did. Original Motion Picture Score Soundtrack ". A young police officer must prevent a bomb exploding aboard a city bus by keeping its speed above 50 mph.

While scouting this location, De Bont noticed big sections of road missing and told screenwriter Graham Yost to add the bus jump over the unfinished freeway to the script. Edit Did You Know? Elwy mistakenly believed that the train's situation was due to a bomb on board.

Speed ( film) - Wikipedia

Best Edited Feature Film. Yeah, just a second. Yost had initially named the film Minimum Speed reflecting on the plot element of the bus unable to drop below a speed.

Hopper has rigged the bus to explode if the "speed" ever drops below 50 miles per hour. Mark Kermode of the BBC recalled having named Speed his film of the month working at Radio 1 at the time of release, and stated inhaving re-watched the film for the first time in many years, that it had stood the test of time and was a masterpiece.

Infwrnala second bus was prepared and two days later a second attempt was successful. Some time later, Jack witnesses a city bus explode.

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