It seems to evoke a lot of anger, confusion, angst from the main characters and the audience. Future Mirae has got to be stopped. I am so far behind in catching up Mi Rae’s Choice as I couldn’t watch last week’s episodes Ahjumma Mirae has also changed the original timeline events by preventing Mirae from meeting Kim Shin in the accident which also caused Seju to fall for Mirae instead of Yookyung at Jeju Island. That makes no sense, and is totally incompatible with the Mi-Rae he’s seen. At least her heart was actually in the right place.

Peridot November 5, at 9: Se Joo is in a shitty mood and tells her friend to go date those pretty sexy girls himself. Faye November 5, at 6: I suspect he is not a cop, he could just be some clumsy employee of future machine company that accidently let Ahjumma slip past to travel to current time and was sent to pick her up. He tells her to accompany him this morning, and Mi-rae says she already has plans. Mirae and Ahjumma dressed as a cleaning lady were talking in the stairwell and Mirae was fuming about Shin cheating on her with Yookyung? And I think the one I feel the most for is Yoo Kyeung – she seems to be very conflicted herself about what she is doing. Nothing goes quite her way.

But Kim Shin was hij Se Joo honest advice as someone older in life. I like the confliction here, between future Mirae and current Mirae.

Shin smiles and episide his watch and happily runs off. I’d kind of like to see Present Mi-rae marry Se-joo, not Shin, then some years down the road, realize she made a mistake, which sends her time-travelling back to shove Past Mi-rae back into the arms of Shin.

Marry Him If You Dare

I am enjoying that we are getting to see some different emotions from some of our characters. Not to mention, he’s still not being truthful to her. When she cooled down she always felt bad for what she did.

Shin asks what Mi Rae said and Se Joo says she apologized for ruining the party. I just wish the story open her true motive and why she hates Kim Shin so much, yet in the first episode she said “honey, i am sorry? Future cop is keeping tabs on her from across the building using binoculars. However, uou we have no real job security, getting dumped, jealousy, stupid arguments, etc Mi-rae calls marry him if you dare full episode 7 just then to speak to Yoo-kyung, asking her to relay how sorry she is.

He sees on the screen instead the scene where Se Joo hands Mi Rae the flowers and his eare and Mi Rae smiles broadly to receive it.

Yoo-kyung asks what Se-joo has done for Mi-rae to make her feel special then. She may have come back to save her brother but then she was so surprised to see him Shin goes to his fhll and sees a television screen playing the ending of a contest where the contestant wins.

Been waiting for your recap. At least Ahjumma has excuses, from what we see, she’s been burnt and she doesn’t want to go that route again. His petty jealousy is adorable.

I too am worried how far this Ahjumma is going to take things. Marathon’s are even better!

Gosh, I too could not watch the confessions scene. Sorry Shin, But Sejoo wins for this episode. Zfih November 5, at 7: Omo, you sound like the marry him if you dare full episode 7 ahjusshi ever. Sejoo is the second lead at this point. It’s not a total excuse, but her heart is in the right place. And I thought we were going to see her growing professionally, but that hasn’t happened. It’s already been 7 episodes and yet we still don’t know any more than we did since ep 1 regarding the whole “who died?

And to that, Shin suggests that they might as well go all-out to show their bosses a thing or two.

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Why does she dafe on Seju? Though I guess that would be the end of the drama. In any other drama and in some real life incidentsa fortuneteller would be the one telling the two leads why their marriage would or would not work.

I wasn’t able to like her. Mi Rae is at the bus stop waiting for the bus.