View all GoT Sites. The show returns for the second half of its final season on March 2, and the finale will air in May, after well over episodes. In a flashback, an year-old Henry says goodbye to Regina as he departs Storybrooke on a trip to new realms, in hopes of finding his own story. Retrieved October 30, View all Movies Sites. Of course, every time you launch something new you do.

In May , it was announced that Lana Parrilla , Colin O’Donoghue , and Robert Carlyle would be the only series regulars from season 6 to continue onto season 7. At her suggestion, Robin apparently went off to Amsterdam to travel and party instead of going to college. Retrieved April 19, In the present day, Jack tells Henry everything about their fairytale pasts, but Henry is still a nonbeliever. Retrieved August 31, The two are able to open a portal and leave Hyperion Heights to start over together in the New Enchanted Forest.

When Zelena decides to go back for the children, she finds that they had already escaped and told their father about sseason encounter with her.

In July, the first promo of the season revealed that Killian is now a Seattle police officer with the last name Rogers, who is living with an unexplained sense of loss.

We were just trying to not be the first show cancelled.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Gets Midseason Return Date On ABC | Deadline

In the past, she called on her sister to help her fight off whatever Drizella had planned. Retrieved October 16, Rumple tells him to procure a magical fish hook from Captain Ahab. Avenging the death of her kind, Gothel goes on a destructive s and it is revealed that Gothel had turned her home realm into what we now know as the Land Without Magic.

She is taken in by a blind man named Ivo, who happens to be Hansel and Gretel’s father.

By Nick Mangione It turns out that blood magic can be brute forced with enough witches. Drizella then reveals that she cast the curse and blackmails Regina into keeping Henry and Jacinda apart, reminding her of a special w that was put into the Curse that would hurt her family if she didn’t comply.

And the mmid new episode of the year didn’t fail to deliver a moment that we did not see coming: It just has to work more to pull it off.

Drizella ends up blackening her own fina,e by killing the prince, making it unusable for revival, and vows to cast a Curse like Regina’s to make her mother suffer. In the present day, Rogers and Weaver interrogate Eloise about her cult, though she is only interested in playing mind games with Rogers.

Retrieved September 20, Retrieved October 2, It is something of an accomplishment to even reach seven seasons, especially in this competitive climate. In flashbacks, Rapunzel steals from Mother Gothel’s garden to save her family, and is trapped in a mid season finale of once upon a time in exchange.

On March 16, it was announced that mid season finale of once upon a time former cast members were set to appear in one or both of the series’ last two episodes.

‘Once Upon a Time’ to End With Season 7

Retrieved November 13, Years later, Alice is caught spying on the resistance group by Robin, who had just recently arrived to the New Enchanted Forest. The only way for Regina and Zelena mid season finale of once upon a time save her life now is to break the curse. Gothel tempts Mid season finale of once upon a time with a New Wonderland mushroom, which she uses to poison Cecilia’s heart, and leads to Cecilia running away. So it has always sort of been in the back of our minds designing things to wrap up the end of kid year if need be.

The show is a giant spinoff sequel. We went into the season knowing this was a possibility. Please fill out this field with valid email address.

This episode saw yet another villain rise up. We really want to keep that feeling alive and leave the audience with that as this season comes to an end. We knew last year that [several members of] the cast were leaving [stars Jennifer Morrison, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and others left after the sixth season ].

Retrieved April 4, gime via Twitter. She tasks Cinderella with stealing Henry’s, since he has the heart of the truest believer. She leaves one of her glass slippers behind for Henry to find. In the uppn day, Regina and Zelena seek the resurrection amulet in hopes of finding pf way to save Lucy. We finle knew that Alice who was recently confirmed to be Wish!

Regina is able to give Zelena her memories back and the two head back to Seattle, knowing that breaking the curse to help Lucy would only hurt Henry instead. Retrieved March 14, Retrieved April 25, Every year we felt like we rebooted it.