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J. Cole - Unabomber Lyrics | SongMeanings

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Every subscription supports the running of our service. Lyrics submitted by mixmaster Cole stellt Album mit neuem Track vor! You must be logged in to comment. You gotta check out. What does this song mean to you?

Log in to add a tag. Fuego, nigga, Yea, hey Uh, it's happening fast Unbomber, uh I told unabombeer on the low, they ain't hear it though Boy that man in the mirror, is a miracle Ay wipe your face, momma told you no more tears will flow We eating better than we was a few years ago Send you Western Union on my payday A week later it's mayday So you return the favor, we stayed afloat like some sailors Bill collectors blowing us up, they could'ntfade us Bitch I made strait A's go ahead and try to degrade us Haters - But this ones funny Man one year later I was on them phones collecting money A lesson from me, everybody got a story dog Unfortunately learned I can't do nothing for you do dawg.

Tribulations by Sunz of Man Just as quick as it came Hoes unaabomber my name Dog fucking with fame I pray to God it won't change But even if it don't most niggas look at you strange But I guess I dole complain heyy Ay man it's happening fast fast I said it's happening fast fast I said it's happening fast fast Related. We've detected that your browser isn't showing ads.

But a message to you fuck niggas, I hope your unabober grow up and never want to fuck with you. No Replies Log in to reply.

J. Cole - Unabomber Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Login with Google Error: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Contributed by bassbeatsproductions Please sign in or sign up. You Might Also Like. I hope your kids grow up and never want to fuck with you This punk nigga knock up two hoes at the same time And told us nigga, they were lying, dog they ain't mines That's cold blooded but ain't nothing new Same old, fuck it though, what's up with you?

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J. Cole - Unabomber

If you make it this far listening without skipping Then I got to show love, don't worry I'm just venting The late night thoughts of a nigga on a mission And I rock my girl to sleep in missionary position Tuck that ass in and then I went and grab pen - and then you have it Word flowing like magic, it's truly accurate You niggas posing like some hoes up in a beauty pageant Nobody touching me it's like I got the cooties rapping Remember when we called niggas African booty scratchers?

Login with Facebook Error: There was an error. Just as unabombef as it came Hoes knowing my name Dog fucking with fame I pray to God clle won't change But even if it don't most niggas look at you n But I guess I can't complain heyy Ay man it's happening unxbomber fast I said it's happening fast fast I said it's happening fast fast. Such a Thing by Legit and Chance the Rapper Discussion Be the first to comment on this sample!

Why not add your own? Cole No Role Modelz G.

J. Cole - Unabomber Lyrics

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