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Resonator — An oscillator which is excited from the input signal. VOC O - A vocal formant filter. FM Square — Frequency modulation with a square oscillator.

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FM Saw — Frequency modulation with a saw oscillator. Allpass — Does nothing, just changes the phase of the signal. It is similar to exciters.

A high precision display shows the frequency response of the filter in real-time. Since you can always see and hear what's happening, BiFilter is very user-friendly.

Comb 5x — A different comb filter, similar to Comb 1. LP Fat - A lowpass filter with very broad resonance.

You can combine these bifllter with 8 additional distortion types, FM, AM, wave shaping and lo-fi effects to create new and unheard-of sounds. BP Analog — A analogue modeled bandpass filter with self oscillation. EQ Hi Shelf — A highpass shelving filter. M-Shape - Serial lowpass and highpass filters, with 2 resonant maxima at the edges of the filter. EQ Vet 2 - An equalizing filter with a tight slope.

HP Analog — A analogue modeled highpass filter with self oscillation.

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VOC - A vocal formant filter. EQ loudness — A loudness filter. Bifilfer like large room reverb. VOC I - A vocal formant filter. BR Analog — A analogue modeled notch filter with self oscillation. Phaser - A phasing filter that affects the phase offset of the incoming audio stream.

VOC O - A vocal formant filter.

Update details - Tone2 BiFilter VST AU effect plugin

F or technical reasons there will be no bit Mac version. Comb 2x — A comb filter, with multiple equally spaced resonance peaks. Diffuser 8x— A 8 step diffuser filter with feedback. FM Square — Frequency modulation with a square oscillator.

Delay — Delays the input signal by a given amount. LP Oct — A lowpass filter with resonance tuned in octave distance from the cutoff point.

Update details - Tone2 BiFilter VST AU effect plugin

Diffuser 32x— A 32 step diffuser filter with feedback. Sounds like small room reverb. BiFilter2 ist ein qualitativ hochwertiges Stereo-Filter-Modul.

EQ Low Shelf — A lowpass shelving filter. BiFilter2 is not only a high quality filter module, it a powerful multi-effect tool which drastically extends the filter plug-in concept.

LP Analog — A analogue modeled lowpass filter with self oscillation.

EQ Block — cuts all frequencies below and above the selected range. BR — A band rejection or notch filter with an adjustable center frequency and slope.

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FM Sine — Frequency modulation with a sine oscillator. BiFilter is a stereo bifiltsr filter with a selection of 47 different sounding filter types. Formant 2 - Double formant vocal filter with 2 resonant maxima.

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