And two, he mentions that Maya would give Jenna rides home from school periodically. Hanna reveals that she had placed the hand guide that goes with the spirit board, in the casket with Allison. We learn that Ella is on her second date, that is with Zack now at the coffee house still. I tell you Tobey is a patient guy with the way she is behaving. Later that day, Aria meets up with Ella in the classroom where Ella has hung her going out on a blind date dress. She is feeling guilty about something that is for certain the others are less concerned. She takes off in the car with him leaving her car behind with its door open.

He and Ella have some chemistry, he offers her pastry again this time after a little hesitation she takes it with a smile. Reading Old Yearbooks We understand that Spencer Troian Bellisario was freaked out to see that Jason Drew Van Acker was in a car wreck, but why did she not remember to close her car door? Meanwhile, Aria is with Hanna wondering the halls of the Radley Asylum after hours. Cece seemed to find it all amusing. Guess who walks in as her blind date, yep the same guy that Ashley had the hots for last week, Ted, LOL. I will check for that email address thanks for letting me know. TV Reviews and Opinions. Notify me of new posts via email.

They follow the sound of someone humming until the find Mona combing a dolls hair in the very back of the ward.

All the A drama would surely make liara all more cautious of getting to know NEW people in town if nothing else. At the school, Spencer who is still stalking Jason, as in being everywhere he happens to be as well as knowing his schedule, LOL runs into him.

Tobey arrives to confront her about sending him with Hanna and the fact that she lied about the reason. She asks him to promise to keep what happened with Jason to himself.

I hope you can understand.

‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Crazy’: TV Recap

pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy And two, he mentions that Maya would give Jenna rides home from school periodically. While Hanna is revealing this Truth to Aria, Mona leaves the room, her room because they had been distracted as Aria had arrived leaving the door ajar. At the coffee shop, Emily has a quick crxzy with Nat where we learn that he is going on a date with Jenna, that Jenna considers Emily a good friend and that Jenna also took Maya home from school more than one time.

Zack owns the coffee shop Liags had the same loyal to a fault aspects that Ali had.

Well I assume its a one way lock anyway. So Maya did know something that got her killed.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Later that day, Hanna tries to apologize to Daddy Dilaurentis for some so-called childish prank she played on them, or so he says.

‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Crazy’: TV Recap – Speakeasy – WSJ

Well at least we got to meet the father of Allison finally. Moving on, Hanna tells Aria a sordid tale about how she and Mona pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy a stormy night, used a Spirit board to find out if Allison was still alive.

She was very realistic in her portrayal of the angry girlfriend. Pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy proclaims next time Ella needs to wear her usual scarf, she thinks she is giving away all the goodies LOL maybe I put that in. Still, it was cute to see Aria help her mom prepare for the date, which meant informing her that the only people who own as many scarves as she does are magicians. And she even had to do it without those fab neon earrings, which the nurse confiscated.

Later that morning Hanna reveals the information about Wilden stopping by to visit; she is concerned that the blood on the bracelet somehow belongs to her. Anywhoo, my current e-mail should show up in your notification of this comment. We keep wanting to like him — and we felt for him when he was stood up by Jenna Tammin Sursok at the end of the episode — but he keeps saying suspicious stuff.

How do you know when you have too much time on your hands? Affiliate Links Note that any page on this website May contain links to pages where I will receive a commission for providing an opportunity for you to buy something you enjoy like a DVD or a pair of glasses whatever the case may be.

Or was he waiting because he knew that Em would check on him? I guess the figure A has to be someone they know, but even with that its hard to swallow their innocent trust.

Regardless, all we know for sure is that he has quite a thing for single moms. I caught an e-mail from you today from about a week ago, pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy feel awful that I never responded. What seems hours later Aria finally has a chance to tell Mona why she came to visit.

At the Hastings Spencer comes running in needing a ride to go back to get her car. Pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy I had no idea how many emails I had to delete to get to two days ago, its a shame really I love your comments.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Mona Finally Reveals a Secret

She is uber suspicious to liarz just like he is pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy every way. Nat pulls Emily away from her none chat with Cece to ask her about several options for the gift he is choosing for Jenna. In the asylum, they wander around trying to find Mona. Ella feels she is at an age where she can be open to possiblities aka maybe younger guys LOL me thinks. After the break, Hanna is in a panic that A was in her house. This site is copyrighted by Crazh A.

Interesting I thought the police station was where a person was interviewed not in their homes? TV Reviews and Opinions. He remembers a pair of earrings that Pretty little liars episode 7 season 3 crazy wore but Emily says that she had episoed bought them for her a week before she went missing basically.

She notices its Jason, who a second later runs into a parked car. Notify me of new comments via email.