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A package of 7 fonts Copyright c by Zoran Kostic. Copyright c Dmitar Zvonimir, kralj hrvatski. The fonts Glagolitsa Oblata and Glagolitsa Uglata are old Croation Glagolitic fonts stare hrvatske oblike slova [fontove], glagoljicu. Croatian Glagolitic font of angular type, created in by Filip Cvitic improved version since Feb Hilandarski Ustav 6 supercedes earlier versions.

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Old Church Slavonic Cyr. It appears to have been released for distribution in Please explain to dirilicni every step that you took before you encountered the problem and what went wrong.

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Commercial package sold by Linguists Software. I cannot locate a current source for this font.

But it was transformed some glyphs - a little bit, others - seriously. Available from Repertorium Fonts. See also the Cyrillic fonts below. The "Menaion" fonts cirilcini a newer Unicode version of this font, "Menaion Medieval", are also available from Repertorium Fonts. A package of 7 fonts Copyright c by Zoran Kostic.

Oddly, the web site states: It is distributed HERE.

Created by Zox e-mail: Hilandarski Ustav 6 supercedes earlier versions Monah Prosto 6 supercedes earlier versions — see also below packaged fonts. For the users of InDesign it can be used without problems.

A pair of fonts: These are all pre-Unicode and have older legacy encodings.

Monah Prosto 6 supercedes earlier versions cirolicni see also below packaged fonts. I cannot locate a current source for these fonts. You must click on the name of it so it is selected usually, so it is highlighted in blue.

Glagolitic Font package — 8 fonts: It is now stored under your windows font folder so therefore you do not need an extra copy of it on your desktop. Now at version 5.


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If you use any other word processing application, please refer to the HELP section of the program on how to change the current font. Serbian Orthodox Church - Cyrillic Fonts For instructions on how to use these fonts, please click here. Vrbnik Missal style angular glagolitic,created by Natalija Nikpalj Polondak this nice font will be further improved.

Antique Regular and Antique Bold - with characters per font. Nenad Hancic-Matejic has created cursive glagolitic font "Croatica" available on www.

Odessa Script Cyr

The font may be downloaded from a number of web sites try a Google searchbut it is really not worth using. The designs for Old Slavonic are good, but the Church Slavonic fonts are outmoded.

If you encounter any problems using any of the fonts above, please send us an e-mail cirilicnj usa astratec. See also Glagolitsa Obla and Glagolitsa Uglata above.

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Baromich breviary style angular glagolitic, incunabulumbeautiful font created by Frane Paro and Anton Katunar, including some exotic ligatures, special symbols and initials Commercial font sold by Linguists Software. Other styles of Slavonic fonts are also available, including Laser Glagolitic, the decorative Optina Slavonic and the civil script font Old Slavonic. Old Church Slavonic Gla.

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