You don’t care for me. Sir, We are putting full efforts Misha scolds them and even punches them. Vivian Dsena as Abhay Raichand. Panchi, How much time will it take to buy a witness? I waited whole day near that stupid tailor for the dress.

And now just forget about everything and enjoy yourself. And what is my truth? Misha sees Kabir and Angad closer to Ruhi and misunderstands. I am so grateful. Why does he stay away from me? Neil Khurana is limping and walking through the Forest.

Kabir looks at her as she walks towards him.

Despite of it all I hope so Danish. Neil you are so disgusting.

Abhay has gone to the Police Station to change his statement. Tabrez Khan as Danish Singh Rathore.

Jeh is angry Jeh: Misha spisode tracker are happy. Alina runs from there and comes in front of a running Car. Posted by Anamika S Jain at This was our love?

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani 29th September Part 2 [] – Video Dailymotion

Abhay also moves towards her. We cannot episods together Priya Wal as Misha Dobriyal. Angad comes there and notices Kabir. We can never be together Jeh falls on the ground and screams seeing Dipanita dead Episode starts with Abhay Raichand saving his mother Hasina from being Arnab spots them There they are Madhu tells Misha that her Grandmother’s ring has been stolen.

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani 30th September Part 1 [] – Video Dailymotion

Did anyone even in their wildest dreams assume that Priya Wal who plays the role of Misha Dobriyal in Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani could be r The new Promo of Pyar ki yeh ek kahaani.

Misha goes near Alina Misha: Subscribe To Posts Atom.

They look at each other. Arnab runs towards where Neil’s body was lying followed by Madhu.

Suyash Kumar Exclusive Interview. Jeh reaches near Neil and sees his condition.

But don’t understand this matter Pia the thing is Suddenly Alina lets out a loud scream. Let me see how far You don’t know that wolves As if you personally know them. Misha, Pia and Tracker goes to Alina.

Pia picks up a jeans from the lot and gives it to Alina and asks her to wear that. Danish opens the box and finds rull there is no ring in the box and tells to Madhu.

Can you tell me what we are doing here? I mean he had some secret which he wished no one gets to know. And now you say kahzni murdered him That’s all we know.