And don’t forget to visit his arsenal of websites: Keima already knew that she always wanted to socialize, but her fears of being misunderstood prevented that, which is why she reads books as an escape from the real world. For instance, when he heard that there are going to have new games, he magically floats to the game store. However, Keima does not like this unprecedented event since it will take too long for him to capture her heart. When she finally finds it, she discovers three different editions of “Love Tears” and correctly chooses the expensive one. As a result, he misses Yui but continues by walking home with Ayumi and Miyako.

And don’t forget to visit his arsenal of websites: Interested only in video game girls, however, Keima is appalled by the idea, and refuses the assignment as he has no romantic real life experiences whatsoever. Or something like that. Adanadhel All reviews 45 people found this review helpful. Realizing Keima was there and kissed her during that time, Shiori starts writing. The episode ends with an announcement for the second season of the anime and a new character introduced. Keima plans to spend an hour each with the girls to raise their affection for him without any of them encountering each other with Haqua’s help. Here are 20 of the top harem anime on MAL!

The leader wolrd the delinquents replies that she has guts to stand up to them. With Kanon having a week to live, Keima must find the other four goddesses to heal her before Vintage gets them. Kusunoki reminds him that this is the girl’s karate club and directs him to the boy’s karate club.

Jun Nagase

But the game has many bugs aniime, including one that loops a previous scene over and over again. Keima replies that he thought she might like try something different. As they head to Ayumi’s location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unknown to Keima, she already told Ayumi that he was trying to win her heart for something important.

She receives help from Nikaido and evenly teaches the class of her. At this moment, a spirit jumps into Jun’s newly formed gap in her heart. Episode 12 Summer Wars.

As the committee tries to get inside, Shiori falls asleep and dreams how her love for books began until she is awoken by Keima, who manages to enter the library through a hole at the fae made by Elsie with her raiment.

To the horror of Keima and Elsie, she throws the cat away. This episode features four different perspectives happening on the same day.

While Keima thinks Shiori used the library index, Shiori, deep in thought, wants to tell him she was able to find them as she remembered all the books she reads in the library but is too shy to the world god only knows episode 1 anime fave up.

Yui proclaims her love for Keima and kisses him, which restore Mars’ wings. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: He also says that it used to happened in some older games, where one must beat the girl in a fight to win her heart. Hayate the Combat Butler! The girl suddenly grabs and twists Keima’s hand, making him scream in pain. Kusunoki Looks at the Bear Elsie realizes that she was hitting Keima and asks him what happened to the parsley men.

PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis Keima Katsuragi, known online as the legendary “God of Conquest,” can conquer any girl’s heart—in dating sim games, at least. Before Elsie notices, Keima was in the gym asking to be Kusunoki’s pupil.

The episode ends with an announcement for the second season of the anime and a new character introduced. That moment, turning away a chance at real love for a game mocking the same, is sorld warning. When challenged with a bug in a game, Keima tried every single option in the game throughout seven hours straight, tiring even Elsie.

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At home, Keima gets depressed about what he did to Chihiro but is later cheered up by Tenri. She is known as a trainee school teacher for the students. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Keima ignores her and tries to leave, saying that he is glad he did not lose his game save data on his PFP. As her internship comes to a finish, Keima asks Jun to return to the school someday, in which Jun promises to become a much better teacher by then.

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He can even place his full attention to each screen, becoming “emotional” whenever a screen has an emotional scene. Retrieved May 12, She says that weaklings like him are the reasons why thugs exists.

However, Chihiro, Ayumi and Kanon acts awkward and embarrass every time he teaches them but he manages to give them helpful tips for their tests. After near three seasons of coldly manipulating the romantic attentions of the world god only knows episode 1 anime fave female classmates, one route Katsuragi embarks upon turns out to be an Easter egg: Hiro Shimono Chris Patton.

This does not apply as much with Chihiro and Nanaka, neither of whom he was actually intending to get to love him.