Groupselect uses the current search filter to reduce the list of possible values. Please click on the items to open a detailed description. The sample database is a good way to start. Nov 19 License:

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Because many users demanded a version with support and the ability to handle real jodb databases we decided to publish a pro version. Nov 20 Date added: Posted on 07 January Here joidb some of the features of the PRO version - Multiple jkodb and sub-forms with relational connections - Import for Excel spreadsheets - Category select search options for parametric search - Ticket system and developer support - Online update service using the Joomla update mechanism - Frontend Editing - Alias support for SEO optimization.

We are currently migrating to the Pro version. Paid download Related free extension: Groupselect is part of the catalogue search options. Special elements like print-icons and pagination-links are displayed at the desired position in the templates. Support is top notch. Possible parameters are "password" and "email".

GPLv2 or later Type: The formelement-types are dependent on the datafield-type. Documentation Database This Documentation was realized with the joodb component.

Documentation Database

Tinyint or boolean SQL Fields. Edit in frontend must be enabled for the current JooDB database. JooDatabase handles the linking, routing between the pag With the linked letters you can select items by the first char of their titles.

Our weather module for joomla was downloaded many thousand times. It automatically generates pages containing the table data using editable templates for catalog and single entry views. Display 12 jodb 60 Possible parameter is "textarea" to display as textbox field instead. Thank you for such a fine extension.

Else negates the current output condition. Some datatypes like Date,Timestamp, Set, Enum will be formated automatically be the system.

Help - JooDatabase - the joomla database solution

koodb Inserts an icon or text link into the single view. Nov 19 License: Endif ends an Ifis condition and enables the output regardless of the current condition. Unfortunately google disabled the access to the weather api in September I'm pleased to have found this. The sample database is a good way to start. Possible parameter is radio or check to display the field as a radio-element enum or checkbox set atomatically ENUM and SET SQL fields with less than 5 elements are displayed as a radio-element enum or checkbox set atomatically Form validation is done automatically.

The basic account is free and allows polls joocb day.

We want to implement a search and display data solution and had looked at all manner of components, free and commercial. Then I came across joodb. A click on that link navigates to the previous page.

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