There are two main processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Both processes start with the inspection of the. 13 Jul There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality. Unfortunately, however, not every tyre can be retreaded. The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres. This calls for a central.

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This means lower logistics costs and makes the operator more flexible and closer to his customers. Arguments in favour of precure retreading: This occurs by means of six essential passages: The first and important step in the process of retreading is the detailed retreadiing of casing.

Retreading is a procedure offering tyres a second life, supplying a new tread to a worn our tyre. Site Map Terms and Conditions. Procesw a minute hole be tyre retreading process, an arc is produced which stops the machine and alerts the operator to the location of the penetration for the tyre retreading process to be made.

Tyre Retreading Machinery

The purpose of the flap is to tyre retreading process the life of the curing bag, so that the flap absorbs the heat during the curing process.

The black vulcanizing cement is then allowed to dry 45 minutes at room temperature. Complete “Turn Key” Solutions.

Material costs are lower than the more complex products required for precure retreading. Labour costs per retread are higher than for hot-retread truck and bus tyres.

tyre retreading process The purpose of the curing bag is to tyre retreading process the tyre during the curing process. Many top independent providers of tire retreads have become part of larger networks at Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and other major tire … Read More View All Posts.

The curing rim is then mounted on the tyre and the safety pin is locked. Initial Inspection The initial inspection is done to evaluate the casing.


Suspected steel damage, identified during grazing light inspection, is examined by fluoroscopic x-ray. The bonding gum is applied on the tyre and the stitching is done at low pressure. Roller Covering Extruder Plant. Less investment is required on the part of the retreading tyre retreading process no expensive moulds and lower follow-up costs, since it is the material supplier who updates the range of moulds.

Tyre Retreading Tyre retreading process Process Monorail.

MRT Builder Balance Improvement is used to index tread and cushion joints, guaranteeing a better, smoother ride with less irregular wear. Some casings are repaired and some are discarded.

What is tyre retreading? The MRT tyre retreading process Casing Integrity Analyzer uses laser beams to map the inner contour of the casing, spotting any hidden separations. Pre-Mold retreads are double-vacuum-enveloped, creating uniform mechanical pressure that promotes full integration of repairs.

tyre retreading process In pgocess to reducing the amount of raw materials extracted, retread tires also minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. With professional planning from Newera engineers, you can be assured of workstations designed to maximize output and ease tyre retreading process.

If the casing is in good condition, it can be used as a base for a new retread tire. With comparable tread geometries, the running performance of a precured retread is often better than a hot retread and the same as an equivalent ertreading tyre. Both processes start with the inspection of the tire, followed by non-destructive proceas method such as shearography to locate non-visible damage and embedded debris and nails.

The Land Fill Directive of banned tires in landfills inand banned shredded tires in The skived surface should be made rough by rasping. The tread and the sidewall veneer of the tyre are made up of non-vulcanised rubber compounds. Handbook of environmentally conscious manufacturing. The Department of Tyre retreading process requires marking of a “DOTR number” which retredaing the name of the retreader and when it was retreaded.

If this is not done, severe rust, separation and steel cable looseness could take tyre out of service.

Italmatic Head Office and Production Plant. Cementing and Filling Even in small injuries it is critical that the injury is cleaned and filled.

Material costs are higher than hot retreading material, since the precured tread is already vulcanised and is therefore a more heavily-processed product. Even bias-ply carcasses can undergo hot retreading without any problems. Curing Electric Curing chamber is an autoclave tyre retreading process device that applies specified heat and pressure over a period of time which causes the bonding layer in the built tire to cure and permanently adheres the new pre-cured tread to the prepared casing.

A dedicated mold is required for each tire size and tread design. Retread tires in service lower the volume of raw materials required for the manufacturing of a new tire.

The correct size of curing bag and flap is inserted into the tyre tyre retreading process to the tyre size.