I am puzzled because it worked yesterday. He already has the images collected and knows they open in Vegas, and he already owns Vegas and has it up and running. If someone needs to collect images to send to someone with a Sony product, they have this option. I don’t always want to open editing software which is overkill for patching together a string of images – especially just for security camera images. Join Date Sep Posts 2, I had the same problem.

Doc, i’m glad you’ve found a useful utliity to use! The question was how to best do this in Vegas. No z-axis , only X and Y Track positioning key frameable. I hope all that above helps. The Forum allows for uploading of screen shots. If you have uploaded your video to YouTube, please supply link so I can see what you mean.

A playback rate of 0. If I shorten the length of the clip, the video just renders as blank, black video. By Bobo16 in forum Sony Vegas video editing apps.

I think it might be best if you send me a copy of your project file. I have the GoPro Hero camera and love that I can now use Sony’s program for all of my editing, instead of flipping around and using the GoPro software which is okay, laspe being able to do everything in Sony is awesome. The time now is Last edited by wakeme platiunm Nov vegas movie studio hd platinum 11 time lapse, 7: I have around pictures taken from a surveillance camera at 1 fps.

Thanks again for this tutorial.

I am puzzled because it worked yesterday. Today the rate has reverted to 0.

shorteniing the length of thousands of pictures

Timelapses are a cinch with Movie Studio 13 Platinum. I do get what it is suppossed atudio do I just am not getting the result. Support Movie Studio Zen.

All times are GMT. All your pics from the first window will now be pasted into the new window with the desired length.

Does this have? :: VEGAS Movie Studio 13 Platinum – Steam Powered General Discussions

Showing platinmu – 14 of 14 comments. Make note of what it says on the right. I find it a useful way to speed up and simplify my workflow sometimes.

Great answer, I was looking through all the program docs and not finding how to do the same. Be sure and point us to that video!

I’d imagine no video editing program is as good in editing audio as a music producing program: WAV files can be cut Sony calls it Vegas movie studio hd platinum 11 time lapseanywhere you want. If I return the clip to the original length it renders fine. Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site. Turn it OFF and re-render. Sometimes I have to convert them into another format before I can use them. I will assume you created a timelapse following the instructions in the tutorial above?

Show file names in the Sony Vegas timeline How To: You don’t ‘have” to change it, but you may find yourself a casualty of mistaken identity otherwise. D thanks for the reply. I hope I’ve described that well enough.

If you want a time-lapse to go slower, you need to shoot more still stjdio at time intervals closer together. Hello i am using a Canon 5Dmkii shooting for a timlapse with magic lantern. So, please don’t try to negate some useful information with something I’m obviously already well aware of.

Really it is dead easy when you start to play with it. Create the effects montage on Sony Stuvio How To: It gives a chance stkdio preview your image sequence full screen and quickly before importing it onto the tiny preview window of movie studio. I am thinking outside of the box here. The check box for Stills vevas Sequence” is grayed out, so I cannot use it. Now you can drag this onto the timeline and continue like a normal project. The only reason for my response was that yours seemed to make it sound like the Vegas feature wasn’t there.

Thanks foir all answers. Before you proceed any further, it is extremely vegas movie studio hd platinum 11 time lapse to make sure your images are ordered from First to Last and NOT Last to First.