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Select a second slice from the other side of the spectrum, and click Add. Spectrus Processor Overview Movie , L. Bi Amgen Press Release: From the Options menu, choose Predict in Solvents. If one or several user databases in the list are added, the priority of predictions would be given to the user data.

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Contact us to request a demonstration of our software, or to answer any questions you may have.

This is an issue with Windows 7 and our installer. The internal database can be augmented with user data for improved accuracy.

Our software has been tested on Vista 64 and Windows 7 bit and has no significant issues. It is not possible to exclude the internal database from the prediction. From the Options menu, choose Predict in Solvents. This program is designed to import the raw files.

Firstly with Add mode selected in the top right hand corner, open the data files of interest. It is very user-friendly lans intuitive to use, and one of its major strengths is that it is independent of the instrument manufacturer, which makes it possible to process all relevant data with a common software interface.

ACD/Spectrus Processor

Using one tool to process nmg analyze all this data, instead of a suite of five or more, will certainly streamline the efforts of my group. Contact Us for a Demonstration. After a multiplet has been picked in Shortcut Mode, the Multiplet Analysis dialog box can be accessed by clicking the multiplet label.

Other Links Related Reading: Open the Multiplet Analysis dialog as above. Our development team has worked hard to make the software run optimally on Windows 7. Other Links Mac Users: This command opens the Multiple Databases Training dialog box, which allows the use of several user databases in spectra prediction.

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ACD/ :: ACD/NMR Processor

Click Apply to view the changes to the spectrum, and accept the changes by clicking the green check mark. Select a second slice from the other side of the spectrum, and click Add. If nothing is defined in the dialog box, the predictions are done according to the internal NMR Database. From here, peaks can be de-selected and new multiplets can be picked. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask a real person. The data files should open within the same window with a default offset to distinguish between them.

Our highly trained sales and support staff are ready with answers.

NMR Spectroscopy Software

Technique-specific software for analysts. Arrayed spectra can be synchronously processed using Group Treatment mode. All your analytical data. The format of the report can be edited easily, or changed to suit a range of different journals e. We have answers If you can't find what you're looking for, ask a real person. qcd

I open data I never opened before and process it Is the software compatible with a bit OS? Bi Amgen Press Release: I did try to process NMR data, In the phasing area that appears at the top of the spectrum, the left and right mouse buttons can be clicked and dragged to correct the zero and zero and first order phase. Mac Users Click Here.

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