I even have gone to the lengths of traveling to a casino knowing full well the 2 hour journey is a waste of time as I know I will not be permitted into the building to gamble as I have a UK national barr against my membership to the majority of UK land based casinos, not only that but on occations I have also filmed the rejection at the casinos on film and managed to get direct manager answers to why I have been barred from there casinos on more then one occation. I could create a program like this myself, then make a cool video of big wins on fun accounts, then sell it for lots of money too. Yet at the same time, at the small number of places that I can manage to play roulette I still manage to live from gambling on roulette, of course since being barred has seriously reduced my opportunities to beat roulette simply for the fact of being refused entry in the casinos, and at the same time I get people asking me why do I sell my system if it wins money?? I have the RRSYS level 2 Classic , I hear and read a lot of people who complane…and they have right , the explanation for that amount of money is no good.

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The chances of different users being on same network in same country are remote. June 6, at 6: July 19, at 7: Its just an excuse to explain away unhappy buyers. I made the error of seeing some roulette videos online and I simply assumed it was software my own mistake, and I found what i assumed was rrsys on youtube and paid them in poor english another reason i should have realised.

What do I mean, well simply put, I havent had as many purchases as what appears to come across from the things I read. I have never seen any internet system used and demonstrated in a real casino before.

Rather it can work in theory, but it doesnt in the real casinos. Admin I expect Rrxys the last review is the seller of the system because it definitely doesnt work and he gives it 5 stars? I rrwys the creator to make a good instruction video for how the technique works…but there is always a axcuse.

He is showing something that will work in some conditions and that is true. However even after your report there is very little that I am aware of that I can do about anything.

Anyway I have my own website and yt channel,if you want,feel free to check it out.

RRSYS Roulette System (Review)

You look at the last few spins and bet on a few numbers based on the distance between the numbers. I am not going to use this space as a story or background talk area as that info iteself about me can be found elsewhere. It is up to the reader to decide who is telling the truth — reviewers or the seller.

Of the 3 people that posted higher star ratings, 2 are from the UK on Sky broadband network. Terrance M I still hate to hear you that you paid money for something from a similar seller, or scammer I can not decide which is more fitting. This has no merit in roulette and the seller knows it.

Its certainly not anything like the frequency you would experience in the videos you see on the RRSYS You-tube channel found here: Meaning I still get overwhelmed that people contact me who have never met me before, in comparison to rrssy whom I have embrased conversation with inside casinos that I have been at in the past etc.

The videos on the website are very convincing, but now I think he made them only to make a fortune selling systems. So I think it supposed to work on dealer signature with the same distances in pockets from spin to spin.

Never the less I randomly found this site literally yesterday, and was going to give some responce directly from myself, but I realised that from the comment box at the bottom of this page could potentially be from anyone trolls i think is the term?

July 21, at 2: I am just rrsjs normal guy, how can I demand some external website or youtube channel be deleted or removed, theres only so much I am aware of in terms of know how rrss experience to deal with things like this on the internet, let alone my own website. I will do my best to make an unbiased review by backing up my assessment with real analytical data and comments made by the creator himself from his YouTube channel.

Like with all dealer signature systems they work time to time because there are certain criteria that have to be met before a single bet is placed. There are a few different windows apps that come with it and they dont work.

You can check the validity of this message on my website rrsys. So it looks at the distance between previous numbers and gives you a prediction based on the last number.

If it is a fake account with your videos, then you could easily ask youtube to shut the account down. I finally reported these findings to youtube. I have the RRSYS level 2 ClassicI hear and read a lot of people who complane…and they have rightthe explanation for that amount of money is no good.

RRSYS Roulette System (Review)

It is not just a book. I think you and some of the other reviewers on this page are actually the real rrsys seller and you are making excuses to explain bad reviews. Bollox it was a joke.

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