When Worlds Collide Episode We can say season six winds up an aspect of the Rafter family and there is a sense of finality to it. Meanwhile, Rachel is trying to settle into her new job at EMB agency but her first day proves disconcertingly frustrating, and Carbo’s wife-hunting on internet dating sites brings immediate success. Dave and Nathan goes to meet Dave’s dad Tom in prison. Sep 16, Sammy and Nathan’s marriage is in crisis when she can no longer bear keeping the secret reason for their move into the Rafter home. Nathan reveals his intention to move next door so that the baby can have a nursery. Contributors Become a contributor. And Rachel’s deal with Liam to stop playing games and join forces seems to be working, even if their pitch ideas for a sports drink are not.

Dave is working extra long hours to go for a holiday trip, but an unexpected pending tax bill ruins his plans. Narrated from the perspective of Nathan, the episode deals with the journey towards Nathan’s epiphany that he’s not so different to the rest of his family and that isn’t a bad thing. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. A possum has taken up residence in the Rafter roof, keeping the family up at night with its nocturnal activities. Rachel has always been Daddy’s Princess — his little girl — and as much as it’s ridiculous, she can’t help but regret no longer having an exclusive claim to the title. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. However, less than 48 hours after Ben moves next door, all dreams of freedom are completely upended — their three kids think being with their parents is a lot more comfortable than being out on their own, and they’re returning with the same sure instinct of homing pigeons.

Newly unemployed Rachel is seeing the world in a new light, as her oyster. Living by the List Jul 14, Rachel gets back into the dating game. The third season follows the Rafters as they adjust to life with a new baby and face their toughest test yet, the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one. Meanwhile, Julie and Dave sort out their differences over a pac,ed outing. Julie gently convinces him to give therapy another try. Jake’s episode and Julie’s closeness with Adam make Dave to have strange dreams.


Packed to the Rafters

Ben’s life changes forever when Melissa never reaches hotel. On 20 FebruaryVentoura put her plans to head to the states on hold, to star in onlline Seven Network series, Wild Boys.

After inspired by reading some novels, Julie writes herself one and receives a response from the publishing house. Retta throws a party to ‘get new friends’ but only two old friends turns up. This leaves Nathan with no option but to count on the family he’s always taken for granted.

Meanwhile, Carbo and girls meet their customer who is turn out to be a tantrik sex therapist and the couple take her services. Letting Go Full Episode S 5: When there is nobody to babysit Ruby, Dave have to take her to work site for an emergency.

Rest in Peace Episode Coby hiding his true feelings for Frankie and dealing them in his own ways. Undaunted, he vows to continue the hunt for a wife.

Dave is struggling with his own demons. Realising that she is being taught a lesson, Rachel decides to embrace whatever the universe offers her — no more lists. Now normally this would not bother Julie, but as each of these rafrers come true, Julie becomes increasingly concerned. Dave Rafter prides himself on being easy going and uncomplicated.

It watch packed to the rafters online season 3 such an amazing chapter in Aussie TV.

Tipping Point Full Episode S 4: New employee Frankie joins the Rafter Electrical and she faces aeason at work site because of her gender. Live and Let Live Episode Rachel is struggling with deep-buried jealousy towards baby sister Ruby taking all their parents’ attention.

To her shock, Sammy realises that Trish hopes she will get back with Tony.

Frankie visits Julie and tell her that it is her mistake not Dave’s. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

Packed to the Rafters – Season 3 –

Rachel becomes jealous when Jake works at an attractive housewife’s place. Meanwhile, Nathan and Chel are both enjoying ppacked new lease of life despite still being in hospital, Rachel is enjoying the last few days of freedom before starting her new job, and Carbo, still searching for “The One”, is excited about his date with Erin.

Between the Covers Episode Ben feels its right time to watch packed to the rafters online season 3 on from Mel and start life with Emma. Ben discovers the truth raftsrs Mel’s death. A cook book given by Julie to Ben met with disastrous results.

Packed to the Rafters – Season 3

Will it be enough to bring them back together? If we ever felt like we were losing too many cast members, we needed to end it on a high. But exactly how far is Rachel willing to go for the sake of Barton family unity? Contributors Become a contributor.

He hires Corby even when he behaves suspiciously. Carbo tries to scare away potential buyers of the house. So he visits him to resolve. Before his transplant procedure, Nathan is inspired by Chel to write letters to his family.

Julie has a movie premiere with Adam and Dave is taking his employees away to a seminar. Bad Habits Full Episode S 5: Rachel struggles with the aftermath of leaving her abusive boyfriend Daniel — and her own secret turmoil.

Ben watch packed to the rafters online season 3 himself the unlikely counsellor to both his sister and grandfather Ted as they confront traumatic turning points in their lives. When Dave snaps with Julie because of his work pressure, she find solace in a friend from mother’s group.

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Nathan has started his new job as a suburban real estate agent. When Worlds Collide Episode watch packed to the rafters online season 3 Alex goes out on a bender and when Grace returns from her date and finds Alex still gone, she flies into a panic.

Sleepwalking Pavked Episode S 4: Julie loses confidence as a mother after Ruby refuses to breastfeed. And Rachel’s deal with Liam to stop playing games and join forces raftesr to be working, even if their pitch ideas for a sports drink are not.