If you don’t care what reviewers think, why are you arguing about this? It shows the sickness that plagues some of humanity, and also how you absolutely cannot run away from your past, lest you wish to always suffer from it. Save changes Preview Cancel. It sets “six” years later after the events of the Silent Hill film, therefore, it is the sequel, AlessaGillespie. Not meaning to harrass or anything,I love the first movie too,coz it brings out more Silent Hill-ish atmosphere but hated the second and that I might had to say that,as a Silent Hill fan even if I only play like 2 of Silent Hill series ,I got my heart stabbed to see the second being so suck. Hell the last one was panned and with good reason.

Hell the last one was panned and with good reason. I think it would be pretty cool to see a Silent Hill movie just about Silent Hill. Buuuut if you like it that way go ahead. Revelation is a retcon piece, not a true sequel. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Lastly, the content itself. If they REALLY need to make another movie, they should just do an original movie with absolutely no ties to the previous.

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I want to find the reasoning behind it. There’s lots of reasons why the first film sucked. Will Sharon Clemens and Vincent Harington return in the will there be a new silent hill movie third film as a cameo? The Order, Alessa’s appearance and her very own purpose was altered. I love the second but not too scary. Shirogane Follow Forum Posts: Bassett tried too hard to mesh the game into the pilot film’s storyline, which was simply impossible.

I love the first film and would like to see a third, but those who don’t are just as entitled to their opinion as Ghere am. z

“Silent Hill” Director Talks The Film’s Collapse

The US is currently the world’s largest and most valuable film market though China is gaining ground pretty will there be a new silent hill movie and India is nothing to sneeze at.

I’d like to point out, using a website to dictate reasons on why a film sucked doesn’t make it an obligation to believe the film sucked. I’d love to see the prequel to it. I really don’t think Bassett did “that bad” on the movie!

So, if his intention was different, then what happened along the way? I thoroughly enjoyed it, namely because it was its own thing and merely influenced by the games. As for SHR being a cash-in, I don’t entirely agree. The police didn’t go will there be a new silent hill movie Silent Hill to look for Heather. I think the first movie is a great work of art, and silnet laughable in the least.

Aetheldod Follow Forum Posts: R, only us fans knew what was going on, right?

The first film made some stupid changes, but it was watchable and good, had some logic to it and some great ideas the Otherworld transition and visuals.

Personally will there be a new silent hill movie loved SHR i mean i can understand why it dissapointed some ppl but overall i really enjoyed movke and i look forward to a third film.

This entire conversation has defeated the original intent of the thread as it has, should it continue I’m locking the thread as it appears to have just turned into a free for all on whether or not the movie’s shit. The first movie is strikingly beautiful. Didn’t realize that you were an admin. Different countries’ distributors thers pay different amounts for a movie depending on how much they think they can make on silen.

People are allowed to have whatever opinions they want without being subjected to insults and being looked down on. If you personally believe the film was bad, fine. For my last statement, singing: Whats worse is the film went absolutely nowhere. Knowing someone is a personal encounter. Keep me logged in on this device. You’re still completely not getting it.

Create a hilp instance of Silent Hillwhich is obviously someone wandering aimlessly into the town only to find themselves wrapped up in all of will there be a new silent hill movie horrific drama. I’m glad he made this project because: Yummylee Follow Forum Posts: Revelation is a retcon piece, not a true thre. If they can raise any sort of money for a third movie it’d probably be closer to a DVD movie budget. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my previous post. That could lead to a hint.

Honestly, the movies were horrible by all standards. Spenced, opinions about any installment in the series are going to vary. Just this last week, I lost my cable and internet because the line was torn down by torrential wind.

Why There Needs To Be One Final Attempt At A Silent Hill Movie

Redbullet Follow Forum Posts: So say, Konami was to “Forcibly Take Away” the Silent Hill movir license from any production company that has the rights so they can focus on games rather than crap films. Ha ha I swear if an adaptation of SH2 comes out? What would be your approach at bringing it back to the big screen?

Exactly, interpreting games in movies wouldn’t result in a good SH movie in my opinion.

Of course the movie didn’t meet expectations. It’s practically holy, at least to me. No, after sequel’s failure no Hollywood executive will greenlight a new one. I would be even more excited if they cast Emma Stone as the lead actress: For me,its not true,Konami did well with the first film. I’m guessing you probably only know the popular reason for changing Harry’s gender, and are unaware that the writers felt the alternate reality was meant to be matriarchal in nature, and wanted to expand on that.

We knew that was Travis Grady, Alessa’s savior. Six years later, a sequel was ordered but without the involvement of Gans. People look at the will there be a new silent hill movie now and just laugh.